Celebrating Mabon-Autumn Equinox in 2021.

Hi Readers, During this past week, with the weather changing and as we head further into Autumn then soon into Winter, I would like to share my celebration of the Mabon also referred to as the Autumn Equinox. This year was quite different when I did my equinox ritual because I did it silently. As…… Continue reading Celebrating Mabon-Autumn Equinox in 2021.

My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Hi Readers, In contemplating topics this week, I felt inspired to write about my first solitary experience casting a spell. I also plan to share some spells I have cast the most within a separate post and video. I discussed my first ritual experience last year. Within that post, I discussed my process for going…… Continue reading My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Ostara 2021.

Equinox Altar: Purple bag , golden bell , tactite, bowl of crystals, dark brown crystals , amythist, evil eye protection, malikite,celinite wand, wand, yellow citrine, clear qwartz, folded paper, insense holder, cauldren, blue stone , abalone shell, two set of orange tealight candles with brownish orange stones, lighter on bright green hankerchief cloth HI Readers,…… Continue reading Ostara 2021.

How often do I hold ritual?

HI Readers, I have created a video detailing how often I hold ritual. I felt it was important to discuss ritual further as I did last week. Ritual was a core element to my practice especially in the beginning and in many ways still is. I would hold a ritual every Full Moon in the…… Continue reading How often do I hold ritual?

My First Solitary Ritual

Hi Readers, A few points before I get into the heart of this week’s post. This post was inspired by something I wrote a while ago in addition to a conversation with a friend. Further, I wrote the following post at a separate point in time. In this post, I would like to discuss my…… Continue reading My First Solitary Ritual