Tools and Items I use the most and why.

Hi Readers, Lately, I have been considering what items I use the most within my personal practice of magick and during ritual. I come back to many of these tools regularly. I want to discuss what tools I use most in my practice and why. In addition, I wish to talk about how they aid…… Continue reading Tools and Items I use the most and why.

Imbolc 2022.

Hi Readers, During this past week, I went through a few trials and struggles in various areas of my life. I struggled with aspects related to job hunting, personal relations, and general anxiety about the state of things. So, with Imbolc season currently going on though for many of us we celebrate around the 2nd…… Continue reading Imbolc 2022.

All About Samhain 2021

HI Readers, I wanted to first wish everyone who celebrates a blessed Samhain!! I hope however you celebrate that your New Year is full of blessings of happiness, joy, new opportunities, and so much more!! I wanted to share some of my celebrations of Samhain and more on what this season is bringing up for…… Continue reading All About Samhain 2021

Celebrating Mabon-Autumn Equinox in 2021.

Hi Readers, During this past week, with the weather changing and as we head further into Autumn then soon into Winter, I would like to share my celebration of the Mabon also referred to as the Autumn Equinox. This year was quite different when I did my equinox ritual because I did it silently. As…… Continue reading Celebrating Mabon-Autumn Equinox in 2021.

My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Hi Readers, In contemplating topics this week, I felt inspired to write about my first solitary experience casting a spell. I also plan to share some spells I have cast the most within a separate post and video. I discussed my first ritual experience last year. Within that post, I discussed my process for going…… Continue reading My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Ostara 2021.

Equinox Altar: Purple bag , golden bell , tactite, bowl of crystals, dark brown crystals , amythist, evil eye protection, malikite,celinite wand, wand, yellow citrine, clear qwartz, folded paper, insense holder, cauldren, blue stone , abalone shell, two set of orange tealight candles with brownish orange stones, lighter on bright green hankerchief cloth HI Readers,…… Continue reading Ostara 2021.

How often do I hold ritual?

HI Readers, I have created a video detailing how often I hold ritual. I felt it was important to discuss ritual further as I did last week. Ritual was a core element to my practice especially in the beginning and in many ways still is. I would hold a ritual every Full Moon in the…… Continue reading How often do I hold ritual?

My First Solitary Ritual

Hi Readers, A few points before I get into the heart of this week’s post. This post was inspired by something I wrote a while ago in addition to a conversation with a friend. Further, I wrote the following post at a separate point in time. In this post, I would like to discuss my…… Continue reading My First Solitary Ritual