Using amethyst as an aid for anxiety.

Hi Readers, I was inspired by this post on working with crystals for mental health. Specifically, I am inspired to share my experience with using amethyst to aid for anxiety. Of course, I use this in addition to tools like meditation, journaling, and other tools such as talk therapy. Amethyst is one of my favorite… Continue reading Using amethyst as an aid for anxiety.

Crystals I use for motivation and creating a crystal grid.

Hi Readers, I have been working with crystals a great deal which is common within my practice. However, I have made more crystal grids for all types of purposes from healing, mental health, and protection. Additionally, creating these crystal grids inspired me to share how I create a crystal grid for motivation which you can… Continue reading Crystals I use for motivation and creating a crystal grid.

Imbolc 2022.

Hi Readers, During this past week, I went through a few trials and struggles in various areas of my life. I struggled with aspects related to job hunting, personal relations, and general anxiety about the state of things. So, with Imbolc season currently going on though for many of us we celebrate around the 2nd… Continue reading Imbolc 2022.

All About Samhain 2021

HI Readers, I wanted to first wish everyone who celebrates a blessed Samhain!! I hope however you celebrate that your New Year is full of blessings of happiness, joy, new opportunities, and so much more!! I wanted to share some of my celebrations of Samhain and more on what this season is bringing up for… Continue reading All About Samhain 2021

Working with the Moon in magick.

HI Readers, After last week’s post on working with the sun in magick I wanted to discuss how I work with the moon. I have read several articles, watched several videos, and read books on how the moon along with its various cycles can be utilized within a magickal context. For example, casting a protection… Continue reading Working with the Moon in magick.

Musings on writing and spellcrafting

Hi Readers, Over the past few weeks I have been contemplating various aspects of writing within several forms. I have been contemplating writing in terms of regular things I need to accomplish such as emails, writing messages, and during spellcrafting. Further, I do not consider myself to be a good writer, primarily because I tend… Continue reading Musings on writing and spellcrafting