Tools and Items I use the most and why.

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Lately, I have been considering what items I use the most within my personal practice of magick and during ritual. I come back to many of these tools regularly.

I want to discuss what tools I use most in my practice and why. In addition, I wish to talk about how they aid me within my practice. I do not need them to practice as I have said previously but I feel they can help. I could expand this list and please keep in mind the tools I discuss here are not the only items I use.

I have mentioned before how you do not need anything to practice just your Will, a desire or goal, focus, concentration, visualization, and your mind. However, I find that certain tools aid both in focus along with concentration. For example, one of my most used tools is a clear quartz crystal for helping lend energy to a spell or to lend me extra energy If I have little to start with. Further, I use specific pieces of jewelry to assist me in my workings and ritual. Quartz is something I use regularly when I need amplification in a spell. Further, I can charge the crystal specific to that spells purpose. For example, I can charge the piece of quartz to aid with a spell for energy, motivation, or memory. I have used clear quartz in spells for anxiety charging the crystal to help me with keeping me calm. You can use other items not just crystals but a ring, blessed with soothing energy If it has a complementary crystal on it like sodalite for healing or emotional balance , you can charge for either of these purposes other crystals like carnelian charged for assisting in motivation, courage, public speaking, a candle charged to help with depression in whatever color you associate such as blue, green for healing, or white. Additionally, you can use all of these in combination a crystal charged for motivation like carnelian, an orange or red candle, and something that represents you. Even If you keep a bag or pouch with these tools in it to use for what spell or ritual you do most just to help you in your practice. I have clear quartz, carnelian, and other candles along with crystals in bulk as I use them the most.

Speaking of candles, I use a variety of candles like tealights, tapers like the six-inch ones, birthday candles, and some pillars as well. I use them in a variety of spells and rituals. For instance, I have used green candles for prosperity, white for cleansing and purification, orange for removing obstacles, blue for healing, red for passion, courage, motivation, and other colors as well. I keep a variety of candles in assorted colors in bulk If I can and use them for multiple purposes like spells for motivation, healing, depression, clarity, and as offerings. I consecrate the candles I am certain I use the most and keep them separate from the candles I keep in bulk. Even If all I have are birthday candles, I am ok with using them as I tend to use what is available to me at the time as I am practical when it comes to how I practice magick and perform ritual. IF I have nothing available, I just use by ability to visualize, focus, and Will on what I desire. Although, I am aware I do not need these tools they represent the desire I want as I have placed my energy, Will, and consecrated them for that specific purpose. Further, I see these tools as representing not only my beliefs and practice but represent in the physical realm what I wish to manifest. Also, when using these tools, they assist in manifesting what I desire by interacting with them through the ritual and spell I am casting as outwardly expressing my goal and desire. This can be done using visualization as well, but I feel the combination of seeing the outcome I desire already manifested along with connecting to these tools, I connect with all who have used them before me, in addition to them being consecrated for what I desire I use an item which represents me  further linking to my goal manifesting within the physical more effectively.

Finally, my other most used tools are all my magickal texts, ritual tools like my wand, and cauldron. I use these tools as it connects to those who have used them before, I use them for focus, and for other parts of my ritual and magickal work. For example, I use my cauldron for burning incense made for the Gods I work with, to banish, and contain fires when working with fire in my practice. Also, I find that keeping my Book of Shadows, Book of Mirrors, and just my regular journals along with other items I use to read/write aids in my practice. In keeping my magickal texts around, I can reflect on my practice, what spells worked, how they worked, and what my thought process was during, and after the working. Also, If I lose any of my other tools, I have my texts to aid me, I have my mind, and I can look back on my path. I recommend keeping both electronic and hardcopies of your magickal texts. Lastly, I know that most will say you do not need any form of tool to practice. I agree with this view, but If I had to pick one tool to have without a doubt it is some form of magickal text or journal. Whether you call a Grimoire, Book of Shadows, Book of Light, Book of Mirrors, or something else. Having something that contains your paths history, your beliefs, and your workings can help you in see what works, what does not, and how you grow. Even If it is on a computer, on an audio recorder If that works for you, a hardcopy book, a sketchbook, or something else. I have discussed more about tools in this prior blog post, and I do believe these items are tools, but there is an inherent connection to the world around me, including nature for the connection to earth with crystals, the wand I use, and so on. In addition to all those people who practice Witchcraft who have used such tools before me.

I hope that this post and accompanying video aids you your practice, in addition to learning what I used the most within my practice.

I would love to know what do you use the most and why? How does it help you in your practice?

I discuss more within this video below:

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Many Blessings!!

A working altar for my witchcraft, including a crystal grid and assorted tools.

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