Working with the Sun and Moon in Magick.

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Lately, I have been working various spells more so during the Solar phases during the lunar ones. I do use both in my practice regularly in my case this is usually every month sometimes more depending on the spell, ritual, and phase for each. However, with my schedule changing so regularly I have been focusing more with the Sun in my personal practice as we transition to the darker half of the year the moon is taking more prominence. To achieve balance, it is important to work with both the Sun and Moon together. I have written specifically on working with the sun within the above linked post and I have discussed working with the lunar phases as well. Within the Solar phases post, I discussed times of day you can utilize, what spells, and more information on the various solar phases. Within the moon post I discuss the phases, types of spells, and various times of day you can cast them. I would like to discuss what spells I do so more during this transitional period of the year as we approach the Autumn equinox. I am discussing how I use both the Sun and Moon in conjunction with one another when considering these various spells.

Banishing Spells:

I recognize when working with both the Sun and Moon in conjunction With one another one may consider the Sun to be used for spells for prosperity, success, growth, or other similar aspects. However, I have used both the Sun and Moon to work spells for banishing. Banishing magick is a large topic which involves the removal of something   includes banishing thoughts, emotions, people, habits, and addictions, and other things you feel you need to release or remove from your life. This also include removing people from your life.

I work these spells in two parts:

1: I use the Sun to aid in banishing through working the time of Sunset as Sunset as it is the last part of the day when the Sun is lowest in the Sky.

2: If the Moon is waning, I will use the energy to banish what I want to remove from my life such as people, unhealthy habits, or something else.

I have also used the Sun during its peak time of the day at noon. This is especially the case when I am banishing something larger or when performing more baneful magick like binding spells, return to sender spells, or something else. If this is the case and I am working more baneful magick I will use the dark moon and sometimes even the entire waning moon period to work various spells of this nature for this purpose.

Cleansing spells:

During this time as we approach the Autumn equinox, I feel like balance comes up in some form in addition to other aspects like giving thanks, recognizing where we are in the cycle of the seasons not just in what we see in nature, but where we are in our own personal lives. In my case, I am in an in between place of seasons of Fire and Water to use the elements as way of relating to the current season. I am transitioning in various aspects, and I use cleansing to honor these aspects. I do so in the same way mentioned above with incorporating the moon and Sun together.

For cleansing I will use the following:

 1: I will cast spells for cleansing and renewal at Sunrise or midday as the Sunrise time will have the energy of new beginnings.

2: I will use the new moon to cleanse my space and focusing on what I wish to bring into my life during this new cycle. I can also use the waning moon or Full Moon as well as I have done cleansing spells during this period to cleanse my space, or I may even do a purification spell, so I have a fresh clean slate.

These spells can be added to or changed. I have done all these spells and more during this transitional period. It is important to consider our own personal circumstances, time, and where we are during the cycle of the season. In addition, consider where you are in your own personal season not just the season of nature we are in such as fall. I consider myself in the fall season because of what is happening in my own life but also in a more elemental sense I feel like I am in a season of fire burning what no longer serves me in my life as a form of purification. Keep in mind, this may not always be the case.

I hope that in sharing how I use the moon and Sun together in my practice, you learn new ways you can create more balance and cast more spells that can aid you in your life. Also, I hope in sharing these suggestions and experiences you can explore working with both the Sun and Moon together in your own practice.

I discuss more in the video below:

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