Autumn Equinox celebrations , tips and rituals

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This blog was written earlier last month. I had planned to upload sooner, but I had lots of technical issues and general life stuff happening. All of this said, this blog is still worth sharing!!

 With the Autumn Equinox coming up I wanted to provide some suggestions for celebrating, altar setup, and other general tips.

Celebrating in simple ways:


When it comes to celebrations, I like to keep it simple focusing on what is going on around me. This may not work for everyone so feel free to change any of these suggestions.

Spend time outside walking in nature considering both your life and what is going on within it currently. What are you grateful for as gratitude is important to keep in mind during this time. consider all the sacrifices you have made and what you have accomplished during this point. Also, consider where in your life needs balance as you walk. If you cannot go outside, you can also do a meditation on this time of year. What does it inspire or cause you to consider?

Other ways of celebrating are creating seasonal foods and drinks and spending time with loved ones. You may also want to consider incorporating ancestor work at this point or even consider incorporating it into your practice as our ancestors have brought us here to this point they too have sacrificed and may choices that affect us currently.

Final tips for celebrating are to decorate your home with fall decorations like flowers, seasonal fruit baskets, and other aspects depending on where you live. I will be using fall-based fruits like apples, and flowers in my altar.

Altar setup use what you have:

In terms of setting up your altar I say use what you have on hand. Go outside and find things in your backyard. It could be fallen leaves for decorations, candle in specific colors that remind you of fall, fruits, or crystals. I use assorted colors and crystals when decorating my altar. I like hematite for grounding, I like using Citrine for clarity, jasper for connect to the Earth the brown colored one, smoky quartz for removing negative energy, and other colors. I have also used candles in these colors as well.

You can also use items from the dollar stores If you feel you do not have much. Another way you can arrange an altar is placing things related to whoever you work with in the front, items to represent the elements around them, or you can use these items based on elemental associations such as using Citrine for Air, hematite for Earth, and so on. You can arrange in how ever you feel is right. I have used the elemental associations for mine but have also sued various patterns like shapes including a square, circle, or just placing items based on what I am focusing. You can create an entire altar based on items you find in your backyard like leaves, twigs, and other items. You can find a tree to place the items nearby or just place it somewhere will you can spend time at it regularly. The altar can be permanent or temporary.

Ritual Tips:

Finally, I want to provide suggestions for rituals during this time of year.

  • Consider rituals related to balance and the darker part of the year. Balance is key during this time of year in my personal experience where do you need to create or find balance?
  • Cleansing rituals or rituals for banishing or releasing what does not serve you. What do you need to get rid of or release from your life?
  • Other Suggestions are rituals for connecting with this season. Do meditations, or a ritual for connecting to this season in terms of what does this season cause you to consider? What emotions, thoughts, or feelings arise?
  • Rituals and magick for health, mental health, and other aspects. These rituals can include rituals and spells for season affected disorder, depression, general health, and other mental health. Note: You can do spells in addition to these rituals within the ritual or as part of something larger like a spell or ritual for thanks.
  • Rituals and spells for thanks. What have you brought into your life and for what are you grateful. These can help you consider what you wish to bring more of into your life.
  • Ritual and spells for manifesting what you want to bring with you during this season. After you have considered everything what do you want to bring forward during this part of the year? Health, prosperity, or something else? Start manifesting by journaling, creating sigils, and other magickal items along with ritual.

All these tips are simply suggestions and ways to celebrate. In sharing them my hope they inspire you and help you within your practice.

I discuss more in the video below:

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