Containers I use to store my crystals, types, and tips.

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I have discussed in detail on this blog concerning crystals. I touched on crystal storage and identification This Post contains tips for both storage and identifying them as someone who is blind or visually impaired. Further, I have provided general tips for storing crystals in different containers. Today, I would like to expand on the topic in order to show you the types of containers I use and what types I store in each. Tips will also be provided for the purposes for each crystal in the context of purpose such as spells and meditation.

Two mason jars and a small box with an amethyst inside ly on a table. One mason jar contains several crystals including clear quartz, amethyst, and a few others. The other is empty.
These are just a couple of options I used to store crystals.

In the above photograph, I have two mason jars along with a box. The box came with a card which discusses the properties of the amethyst inside the box. I keep that crystal in that box as it is easy to find since it has the card in addition to it being for a specific purpose. In the case of that amethyst I use that one for healing spells along with removing negativity.

In the jars I use those for three main purposes creating gem elixirs, moon water, and storing crystals I have left considering the sun and moon. The various  crystals in the mason jar on my left which may be different in the picture are used for spells involving lunar energies as they have the energy of the moon and solar spells as some have the energy of the Sun as well. Furthermore, several of those crystals like the clear quartz are used to amplify any spells.

These are not the only containers I have used; however, they are versatile as they can be used for several types of purposes.

In terms of types of crystals, I try to store the crystals I know I will need for spells I cast the most. Currently, that is spells for protection, healing, and cleansing. So, I will place crystals like amethyst, clear quartz for amplifying energy, obsidian for protection, citrine for cleansing, and I will used charged pieces of clear quartz for healing along with healing crystals such as sodalite. If you are not sure what to store in a container, I would base that on what came with the crystal. Use that or any natural container you have like a jar or bowl. If you need easy access or like to create crystal elixirs then use a jar, just make sure the crystals use place can be submerged in water otherwise use that container for crystals for the spells you cast the most often. Clear quartz is a useful crystal as it can be used for any spell so If it is all you have then use it. If you want crystals for meditation you could use amethyst, clear quartz charged for meditation, rhodochrosite, and so on. The list could be expanded but it will depend on what you have available to you and what you connect with. Lastly, I would label the container or at least keep it  in a place you will remember and If you have a variety of crystals  that you are not sure what to do with then store them in a jar specifically for general use until you figure what crystals you would like to use and for what purpose.

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