Crystals for Healing.

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As part of my discussion on crystals this month I wanted to discuss how I use crystals for healing. To do so I thought I would discuss different ways I use crystals for healing overall in addition to key aspects like emotions and physical health. Please understand that crystals are not meant to be a replacement for seeking medical care by any medical professional.

Healing in my view, is about healing the body, mind, and maintain overall health. In addition, to eating healthy, exercise something I struggle with, taking care of our mental health, and medications, if need be, can help in maintaining balance within our lives and our health. Utilizing all the above-mentioned items including seeking care, when necessary, crystals can help us in helping us with physical issues. For example, I like to use clear quartz as a general use for any type of healing situation. I can add energy to a healing I am doing for myself in addition to crystals that are known to have properties for healing specific issues. For example, I discussed previously on my blog about working with Rhodochrosite to help with emotional healing. Other crystals I have used are Citrine for my mood, and physical health like digestive issues. Further, I have used other crystals like amethyst for keeping my anxiety levels down.

Some of the ways in which I have used all these crystals include using them as part of spell jars, using them when performing candle magick, keeping them near me or wearing them in jewelry, and creating amulets or talismans to maintain different aspects of my health. I would then place them in my purse or somewhere on my person like a pocket, purse, or backpack. Further, I have set aside crystals that I only use for healing work. My fiancé gave me a set of healing crystals along with jewelry that I use when I am working on my health. Moreover, I make sure to both cleanses, and charge the crystals before I use them. I do not do the cleansing aspect regularly unless I have used them for more than a week or longer.

I could expand the uses of crystals for healing however, I find that using what crystals I have on hand and researching what crystals help with healing helps find new ways of incorporating them within my practice. Through the researching and experience you would be surprised what you learn new ways you can use them for assisting you with healing in addition to working with your healthcare team and taking medication If need be. I hope that through me sharing my experience has given you some more way to work with crystals.

If you have a question or would like me to expand on something, please leave a comment!!

I discuss more in the video below:

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  1. Hi Shadow Sun,

    My name is Sarah. I’m blind and am wet behind the ears with learning the practice of being a pagan white witch. Throughout my whole life I knew that I was different than everybody else. I’ve always been a very sensitive person; and could feel other people’s feelings as they were my own. I just found out a few years ago that I’m a highly sensitive empath. I’m still trying to learn about myself as an HSP/empath, and not letting all the emotions and feelings that I feel from others, over run my life. I’m reaching out to you, because as a blind Pagan, I’m not sure where to start. My sighted fiancée bought me a rose quart pendant, I wear around my neck, but it’s also a pengilium. If you use pengeliums how do you know when you ask it a yes or no question; what the answer is; and also when you ask it other questions? What resources do you use that work for you? I use a Braille Note Touch Plus note taker. Anyhow, I would love to pick your brain and learn how to be a successful practicing pagan witch.

    Hope you’ll respond back to me.



    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for reaching out. I would like to first start off by saying reading as many books as you can as a good place to start. I would like to know what specific practice of paganism or witchcraft are you interested in? Any specific path such as Wicca, Druidry, or something else?

      I read a number of different blogs, YouTube is another good resource, but it will depend on exactly what you’re looking for at least from my view.

      As far as pendulums are concerned, I like to use crystals like the one you have with your rose quartz pendant I will ask it questions that I already know the answer to to determine my yes or no answer. For example, I would ask if my name is then state your name and based on which way it is moving can determine the answer for you, I have found in my experience that asking that question or asking another question that you know the answer is no will help you determine your no and yes answers. Also, I have also noticed in my experience pendulums behave differently depending on the person.
      For example, if I get a maybe mine will sometimes go in circles or from what kind of clockwise direction depending on the question.
      I also use a braille note touch as well.
      Any questions on any of the previous blogs or anything at all feel free to leave a comment on that post related to the topic, or send me an email. You can find it at the top of the page.
      Hope you are well!

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