Samhain 2022 Altar tour and celebrations.

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This is a long overdue post regarding Samhain. I have been wanting to create content but work is taking a lot of my time and I’m also been dealing with other personal stuff. This said, I am taking you on a tour of my altar through the below video and sharing my Samhain celebration.

Altar set up and tour:

I decided for this year I wanted to keep my altar simple and to include as much as I could without keeping it cluttered. This did not work out. I have a lot of spells going on, so I wanted to make sure they all had a place. So, I decided to all some new additions and the pumpkin represents the time of year, harvest, and I always associate pumpkins with fall. I added this crystal pyramid to represent amplification, power, and strength during the coming year I spent time with the crystal before adding it on the altar. I added my spell crystal grids in addition to some other crystals I am using to mediate with like obsidian, amethyst, and others. I added a place for my Gods to receive offerings in a bowl in addition to a space for new spells all be it really small.

TO me, this altar represents not only the Samhain season but also a reflection on myself as I grow and learn as a Witch.

 Celebrating the New Year:

For many Witches, Samhain is a time to celebrate the New Year for Witches. For me, this is no exception I felt that since I have released and gain so much I felt this year is about bringing in new opportunities for growth learning new aspects to myself and my practice, in addition to releasing what does not serve me. For me, by goals are to learn more on candle magick, divination as in exploring a form of divination, in addition to other more mundane goals like attending University which I am going into more later on. Additionally, I took a major step for my path in dedicating myself to my Gods. Which I have an entire post coming up on who I work with as soon as possible and how that came about.

Simple ways of celebration:

For as long as I have been practicing, I have other simple ways of celebrating this time of year. Ancestor veneration is something I participate in my practice. I remembered and meditated on those who I have lost in previous years in addition to celebrating with reflection, and releasing old things I did not need. This included spells I have long since completed, items from people I do not have in my life, and old thoughts. These are ways to bring in the Witches new year and celebrate Samhain. In a more mundane sense I gave out candy to children and watched one horror film because I did not have much time that night.

Regardless, Samhain always causes me to reflect on new beginnings, what I need to release, and I also did perform divination during my ritual as well. I began learning Moore the divination I chose to learn in terms of method and how I wish to learn it.

I would love to know how you celebrated Samhain? What did you bring forward with you into the new year?

I discuss more in the video below:

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Many Blessings!!

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