All About Samhain 2021

HI Readers, I wanted to first wish everyone who celebrates a blessed Samhain!! I hope however you celebrate that your New Year is full of blessings of happiness, joy, new opportunities, and so much more!! I wanted to share some of my celebrations of Samhain and more on what this season is bringing up for…… Continue reading All About Samhain 2021

Samhain 2021: Preparations, sharing my altar, and some plans.

My current Samhain altar for 2021. Hi Readers, In preparing for Samhain this year, I thought I would share my current altar set up and discuss some of my plans for this year. I placed a black cloth as I view black as something to be used for a variety of purposes including banishing and…… Continue reading Samhain 2021: Preparations, sharing my altar, and some plans.

Celebrating Mabon-Autumn Equinox in 2021.

Hi Readers, During this past week, with the weather changing and as we head further into Autumn then soon into Winter, I would like to share my celebration of the Mabon also referred to as the Autumn Equinox. This year was quite different when I did my equinox ritual because I did it silently. As…… Continue reading Celebrating Mabon-Autumn Equinox in 2021.

My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Hi Readers, In contemplating topics this week, I felt inspired to write about my first solitary experience casting a spell. I also plan to share some spells I have cast the most within a separate post and video. I discussed my first ritual experience last year. Within that post, I discussed my process for going…… Continue reading My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Celebrating Beltane in 2021

Hi Readers, Happy Beltane!! I hope no matter what you celebrate Beltane or Samhain that you have a great start to the season!! I want to discuss how I have celebrated this year. I feel like this year I am really embracing fire. I realized that Beltane has several associations most notably fertility in addition…… Continue reading Celebrating Beltane in 2021

Herbs and My Practice.

Hi Readers, Lately, I have been researching a great deal of herbs. I have been interested in herbs for a long time as part of my practice as a Pagan and Witch. However, I have yet to work with herbs. I would like to discuss how herbs play a part in my practice. At one…… Continue reading Herbs and My Practice.

3 crystals I currently use the most and why.

Hi Readers,  As I have mentioned previously, I use crystals a great deal within my practice. I use crystals in spells, rituals, divination, and so forth. I wanted to discuss 3 crystals I am currently using and why. As far as I am aware 2 of these all belong to the quartz family as they…… Continue reading 3 crystals I currently use the most and why.

Ostara 2021.

Equinox Altar: Purple bag , golden bell , tactite, bowl of crystals, dark brown crystals , amythist, evil eye protection, malikite,celinite wand, wand, yellow citrine, clear qwartz, folded paper, insense holder, cauldren, blue stone , abalone shell, two set of orange tealight candles with brownish orange stones, lighter on bright green hankerchief cloth HI Readers,…… Continue reading Ostara 2021.

Meditation Series Part 3: Final thoughts and Resources

Hi Readers, Welcome to the final installment in my 3-part meditation series!! In part 1 I discussed my view on what meditation is, provided examples on how I use it within my practice, and within part 2  I discus within both the videos and posts regarding types, different ways to get started with meditation, and…… Continue reading Meditation Series Part 3: Final thoughts and Resources