Samhain 2021: Preparations, sharing my altar, and some plans.

Within this photo, you see a black cloth on top of a rectangular shaped table, some of the objects included on the table or a black candle, various crystals including clear quartz, a bowl with a candle, a seashell, a blue candle, a velvet purple bag, and various other objects.
My current Samhain altar for 2021.

Hi Readers,

In preparing for Samhain this year, I thought I would share my current altar set up and discuss some of my plans for this year.

I placed a black cloth as I view black as something to be used for a variety of purposes including banishing and protection. This year, I decided to use it for general protection from negativity. I have several candles as you can see, including a black candle for banishing, a purple one I use to  connect with spirit, my  incense burner containing the incense  which I use to represent Air along with a small citrine piece, an orange candle to represent fire along with a  carnelian piece, a seashell for water with a blue candle to represent reflection as I do so a lot during this time of year, and some crystals for Earth. I also have other objects that you have seen before like some of my magickal tools like my wand, my crystal for meditation, and a few crystal grids. I chose these objects before with care and consideration based on the ritual, I plan to do along with spells I am planning on casting.

This year, I am working on lots of divination, spirit communication, and honoring of my deceased loved ones, and ancestors as a form of celebrating the Samhain season. Moreover, I plan on setting intentions or goals for the new year as I do believe Samhain is the Witches New Year. I plan to cast a few spells during this time as well I cast a lot of protection, health, and in some cases banishing spells during this time. Samhain is one of my favorite Sabbats and seasons!!

I hope that in sharing my plans that you have enjoyed learning how I chose to celebrate this time of year. I did not share all my plans as many of them change even the day of however, I do a lot of core elements to my Samhain celebrations that do not change like communing with spirits, divination, and honoring my ancestors using various objects including candles to represent them.

How do you plan on celebrating Samhain?

I discuss more in the video below:

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Many Blessings!!

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