Ostara 2023.

Hi Readers,

Happy Ostara also referred to as the Spring Equinox!! If you celebrate, I hope you all are having a great one!! I have been celebrating early and have done so in many ways. I did not have an altar tour this time as life got in the way and I had a few things come up. I did celebrate with a ritual early, I meditated on all aspects of spring, and focused on my goals for the season. I meditated on what spring means to me and how it is important to recognize the season in small ways from mindfully walking, going outside, focusing on how spring is emerging through the animals present like birds being present and other aspects.

I have more to celebrate tomorrow as of this writing but I also divined with my gods and spirits. I meditated with them and for me Ostara is reminding me of rebirth in all aspects as well as planting seeds metaphorically speaking. For example, preparations for school on my end, focusing on preparations for new opportunities that come with school, and other life challenges being a reminder of learning from them and  the opportunities the challenges bring forth.

These are just a few ways I have celebrated Ostara in addition to offerings and connecting with the season all season long. I look forward to sharing more!!

I would love to know how are you celebrating? What do you do to bring in spring?

I discuss more in the video below:

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Many Blessings   

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