My First Solitary Spell Experience.

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In contemplating topics this week, I felt inspired to write about my first solitary experience casting a spell. I also plan to share some spells I have cast the most within a separate post and video. I discussed my first ritual experience last year. Within that post, I discussed my process for going through with a ritual I did without the use of a book. In this post, I want to discuss a similar experience only this time I had done a few more rituals and spells by this point in time. Keep in mind, that during this point I did a lot of my spells from a ritualistic also referred in some circles as ceremonial magick. I found that this worked for me at the time and still works for me to this day.

I decided to cast a prosperity spell at the time because I was reading a lot about different types of spells and magick. I was also learning more about magickal timing like days of the week and more on the moon phases. So, in planning my working, I decided to keep it simple with what I had around me. Also, I cast a prosperity spell because I needed financial help. I did a lot of mundane actions at the time like canceling subscriptions, budgeting, etc. Since I found success during a previous Full Moon during another spell I cast I decided to cast my spell at that point. I prepared by gathering a candle I would use for the spell, some crystals, and other objects I would use for representing the elements. I read in the book that green was a good color to use for this so I thought I would try it out for myself.

During the night of the spell, I had a small altar set up in the home I lived in at the time. I made sure to cleanse my space in this case I used sage because it is what I had at the time, and I did a small meditation on the spell. I did not write any chant or words to say because I wanted to focus on working with my visualization skills and what I was using at the time. So, I began my ritual with my circle casting, I called the quarters, and I said an evocation to the Gods I was working with the time. I was learning about how in some rituals you have a statement that you say at the beginning to declare your intention for the ritual. So, I simply stated what I needed, and I meditated on what prosperity meant for me. I visualized what I felt it meant to feel and live a prosperous life. After the meditation I decided that was a good time to proceed with casting the spell since I had a firm grasp of what I was trying to achieve.

I was learning about movement in terms of raising energy for spells so I decided to incorporate that along with purely visualizing what I wanted to happen. I placed my clear quartz crystal and aventurine on the left and right side of the candle, then proceeded to light it. I focused on the candles flame and looked at it for a few seconds before closing my eyes. I visualized myself receiving some money I needed, I saw how I was going to get it, and that I already was holding it in my hands. I moved around my circle while keeping the visualization firmly in my mind, I did this at least three times because I read in a book that three was an important number. After a while, I felt like the energy was just moving all around me. I knew from the last time I cast a spell that the energy was building. So, I grabbed my crystals to create a more tactile experience and passed them through the candles flame. I replaced the crystals on each side of the candle, and I watched the candle burn. As it burned, I continued to concentrate on my goal and eventually the candle burned out completely. As soon as the candle burned out, I felt the energy completely dissipate. I felt really tired so I put my hands on the ground to help ground myself. I gave thanks, I put more of the water that I had in a bowl for an offering, and ended the ritual.

After the spell, I cleaned up and left the crystals on my altar overnight. I kept those crystals with me the next day and left them in my purse. Two weeks later I received everything I asked for and more!! I was really excited and wanted to keep trying more spells to see what else I could do. I have cast that spell since as I described here and with some modifications additionally the spell still works just within a shorter time.

I hope that sharing my experience has helped you in some way. I have learned a lot since then and I am still learning.

I discuss more in the video below:

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Many Blessings!!

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