My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Hi Readers, In contemplating topics this week, I felt inspired to write about my first solitary experience casting a spell. I also plan to share some spells I have cast the most within a separate post and video. I discussed my first ritual experience last year. Within that post, I discussed my process for going…… Continue reading My First Solitary Spell Experience.

Intersectionality and inclusion some thoughts.

Hi readers, Lately, I have been contemplating a great deal concerning inclusion and intersectionality. From my view, I would like to discuss my views on what those mean to me and how we can make spaces more inclusive. Inclusion and being inclusive from my view, means making sure everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability,…… Continue reading Intersectionality and inclusion some thoughts.

Numerology in my practice.

            Hi readers, I have been inspired by my post on crystal grids. I want to discuss how numerology plays a role within my practice. I am not someone who understands math as easily as others. If you are wondering why I am writing about math, I believe to understand numerology has a lot to…… Continue reading Numerology in my practice.