Imbolc 2022.

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During this past week, I went through a few trials and struggles in various areas of my life. I struggled with aspects related to job hunting, personal relations, and general anxiety about the state of things. So, with Imbolc season currently going on though for many of us we celebrate around the 2nd of February I always view the Sabbats as seasons. I want to discuss my celebrations of this season, what is coming up for me, and in the below video I give a small altar tour.

For me, Imbolc is a Sabbat that I both really enjoy and struggle to celebrate mostly because of where I am. That said, I am aware of this, and I celebrate it based on what is happening in my location of the world. This year, Imbolc did feel much like winter with hints of spring with the sunny weather mixed in with lots of wind, clouds, and colder temperatures. All this in mind, I found that for me Imbolc in 2022, is all about cleansing, purification, and recognizing the emerging spring. I found myself cleansing my home, cleansing myself, and considering in what ways spring may be emerging in my own life and within my area. I notice more birds within my area, more spring like temperatures, and some plants are beginning to come back with fresh flowers. Of course, this could be explained by California’s normal sunny year-round climate, yet I feel this returning of spring subtly through the energy of the land around me. Additionally, I find myself wanting to be outside more, I feel more energized, and despite the setbacks I feel like more accomplishments are on the horizon for me personally. My practice is taking a new direction, I am currently exploring new forms of divination, spells, and reading new material.

I am grateful for all these new avenues, and I always look forward to the spring season. Yet, I do feel it is important to honor the seasons where we are. When I was first starting out, I found myself struggling to understand the significance of the Imbolc season when I have lived in climates that are not typical of what you would expect. Then, I realized the Suttle changes that occur within those areas in which I currently live and lived in the past. Moreover, I remember after a time of celebrating that Imbolc for me became a celebration of purification and dedication. I dedicated myself to my chosen path several years ago at Imbolc after taking the time to learn what Imbolc meant for me. Also, in terms of purification this year I did so with a different purification method then what I am accustomed to utilizing in addition to reaffirming my connections to various Deities and spirits. I look forward to what the rest of this season has in store for me.

If you celebrate, I would love to learn what you did for the Imbolc season? What came up for you this year?

I discuss more within the video below:

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Many Blessings!!

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