Using amethyst as an aid for anxiety.

Hi Readers, I was inspired by this post on working with crystals for mental health. Specifically, I am inspired to share my experience with using amethyst to aid for anxiety. Of course, I use this in addition to tools like meditation, journaling, and other tools such as talk therapy. Amethyst is one of my favorite… Continue reading Using amethyst as an aid for anxiety.

Imbolc 2022.

Hi Readers, During this past week, I went through a few trials and struggles in various areas of my life. I struggled with aspects related to job hunting, personal relations, and general anxiety about the state of things. So, with Imbolc season currently going on though for many of us we celebrate around the 2nd… Continue reading Imbolc 2022.

The Versatility Of Crystals

Hi Readers, I have been doing a lot of work with crystals lately. I find crystals to be the most versatile option for me as a Witch. Thus, I have decided to start a 3-part series covering 3 topics regarding crystals. This series will start this week. However, prior to getting into that series I… Continue reading The Versatility Of Crystals