Using amethyst as an aid for anxiety.

This is a picture of two tumbled crystals I own. One is a small piece of clear quartz The other is amethyst. They are sitting inside of a mason jar lid that I keep them in.
Clear quartz and amethyst

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I was inspired by this post on working with crystals for mental health. Specifically, I am inspired to share my experience with using amethyst to aid for anxiety. Of course, I use this in addition to tools like meditation, journaling, and other tools such as talk therapy. Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals for anxiety along with rhodochrosite for emotional balance, and healing. Additionally, I have used amethyst charged for calming my anxiety while out or in situations that cause me anxiety like being in a large crowd. I have meditated with amethyst to help calm me during moments of anxiousness either before or after doing other forms of grounding techniques to bring me back to the present moment. Note: I am referring to a form of grounding whereby you can use a sound, object, breathing, or something else to bring you back to the present moment. I see this differently than the grounding use for magickal purposes. Moreover, amethyst is useful for other purposes not only within meditation or just by carrying the crystal. You can wear it in a necklace, bracelet, or some other form of jewelry and charged for relieving anxiety.

For those who like to work with herbs you can use amethyst alongside those herbs you associate with healing or for anxiety. I do not work with herbs often, so I am unaware of many herbs though lavender comes to mind. Further, you can create a grid using rhodochrosite, hematite for grounding, sodalite for healing or soothing energy, and clear quartz programmed or charged to aid in anxiety If you do not have amethyst. Also, amethyst can be used along with candles in a specific color you associate with healing in my case blue, yellow, green, or purple come to mind. You can burn a blue candle while passing an amethyst through the flame to charge it with the energy to aid in anxiety or create a grid around the candle to further charge the candle as well. Cleansing, charging, and physical cleaning of the crystals may be necessary. Note: Do not leave amethyst for extended periods in sunlight as the color can fade. Please consider leaving it in the sun for a shorter deration or choose another cleansing method such as moonlight, water, or something else.

Amethyst is one of the most helpful tools. I believe amethysts calming energy and its ability to remove negative energy in my experience can help with anxiety. In addition, therapy, journaling, and other traditional methods work alongside crystals for aiding you with anxiety or during your healing journey.

I hope that sharing my experience has helped you in your practice and path.

I would love to know what other crystals you would use? Do you have a question? Leave a comment below!!

I discuss more in the video below:

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