Crystals I use for motivation and creating a crystal grid.

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I have been working with crystals a great deal which is common within my practice. However, I have made more crystal grids for all types of purposes from healing, mental health, and protection. Additionally, creating these crystal grids inspired me to share how I create a crystal grid for motivation which you can see below.

I discussed creating crystal grids here and some crystals I use for aiding with depression here. You can learn more on how I choose crystals in general within this post and video. For the purpose of the post and video below, I am discussing crystals for  motivation.

Before I begin, I cleanse and charge If needed. This will vary on the crystal for instance amethyst is something you cannot place within the Sun for cleansing. So, I might use the light of the Full Moon, salt/water, or in some cases sound like ringing a bell, or playing music. I have used sound to charge crystals as well the music can be anything from playing a singing bowl to something else that is loud enough and resonates through the room. Another form of cleansing I have used other crystals like Citrine to cleanse my crystals. I do this by placing them in a small circle surrounding the crystals I want to cleanse, or I have also used a Citrine cluster placing the crystals on top. All of this said, here are some of the crystals I use and why.

  • Carnelian:  I use carnelian for motivating me for several purposes such as motivation to look for work, motivation when dealing with depression, or motivation when talking to a crowd of people. Once, I used carnelian when I took a class on public speaking holding the crystal before I went up. Have carried it with me when I need some protection. As far as motivation I find keeping carnelian at my desk in a grid can help me feel energized, motivated, and ready to complete my tasks.
  • Citrine: I love Citrine! I use it for everything related to working with Sun in my practice. Citrine has such a vibrant energy. I use it related to motivation to give me energy when I am feeling like I do not have enough or when I am feeling sad. Also, I have charged pieces of Citrine for working with communication as well. I find Citrine a good crystal to work with when dealing with depression which you could add to the grid to help bring more motivational energy to the space.
  • Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is one of those crystals I have in bul. I use it everything just because it is so versatile. In reference to motivation, I use to add more motivational energy to the space, I use to help me with clarification on why I am feeling unmotivated, and when I feel like I cannot clear on a goal. I add it to the grid for all these purposes charging to bring me both clarity and motivation.

Motivation is something we all struggle with crystal grids like the one I show below can help in addition to a more mundane task like journaling, discussing goals with a friend, discussing struggles with a councilor or therapist, and meditation. You could meditate with the grid on your altar or just meditate while using your grid as the object you focus on during the meditation with the intention of helping you gain clarity or find what motivates you. For example, you could meditate on a goal and spend time with the grid adding an affirmation underneath to support your motivation towards the goal writing it in the present tense. Additionally, you could just meditate in front of the grid with the intention of connecting with it to help you become more motivated. You can work with all these methods in combination or individually you could journal before and after meditating to track your progress.

I have used all these crystals in combination in addition to others not mentioned here.

Would love to know what crystals you add to this grid and why? What are some of your crystals and ways you get motivated? Leave a comment below!!

I discuss more in the video below:

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