General Life and health update, content, and channel changes.

Hi Readers, I want to thank you for being patient as I have been away for a while. I’d like to update on what’s going on in addition to what I have planned for the blog and channel. Also, read on until the end as I have a couple of announcements and a question for…… Continue reading General Life and health update, content, and channel changes.

Announcement Content For May and into June!

Hi Readers, I have an announcement regarding content related to May and into part of June. I have been working on how I would like to structure the content for weeks and I thought I would share with you. May will be primarily about crystals. I have an entire category on the blog regarding crystals.…… Continue reading Announcement Content For May and into June!

Affirmations and my practice

Hi Readers, Lately, I have been working a lot with affirmations. I realize that some people do not use affirmations for many reasons. However, I have found them to be something I use regularly within my craft. I did struggle at times they did not come easily to me. In my view, affirmations are usually…… Continue reading Affirmations and my practice

Blog and Channel Announcements!!!

Hi Readers, Welcome to 2021!! I wanted to make a few announcements related to the blog and channel. I am working on the content this weekend for both. I would like to highlight a few important things that you will see going forward. Content Twice a week: I have been posting once a week for…… Continue reading Blog and Channel Announcements!!!

2020 Positives and negatives.

Hi Readers, I am not sure where to begin in terms of reviewing this year. This year for myself along with many of others has been a year of uncertainty, change, and for many a most difficult year. I have found that this year has given me a lot to consider in terms of how…… Continue reading 2020 Positives and negatives.