Ostara 2021.

Equinox Altar: Purple bag , golden bell , tactite, bowl of crystals, dark brown crystals , amythist, evil eye protection, malikite,celinite wand, wand, yellow citrine, clear qwartz, folded paper, insense holder, cauldren, blue stone , abalone shell, two set of orange tealight candles with brownish orange stones, lighter on bright green hankerchief cloth HI Readers,…… Continue reading Ostara 2021.

Blog and Channel Announcements!!!

Hi Readers, Welcome to 2021!! I wanted to make a few announcements related to the blog and channel. I am working on the content this weekend for both. I would like to highlight a few important things that you will see going forward. Content Twice a week: I have been posting once a week for…… Continue reading Blog and Channel Announcements!!!