General Life and health update, content, and channel changes.

Hi Readers,

I want to thank you for being patient as I have been away for a while. I’d like to update on what’s going on in addition to what I have planned for the blog and channel. Also, read on until the end as I have a couple of announcements and a question for all of you.

General Life and health Update:

I have tweeted about this a few weeks ago but in case you are not following me then I’ll mention it here. The follow button is available at the end of each post If you wish to follow me on twitter. I had some medical things to take care of and I needed a break from social media mainly because I barely have a moment to look at it. Also, I think it is good to just be away from social media for a time. Overall, I am healthy. I am learning more about all the various tests I’ve been doing relatively soon. I physically feel great, and I am grateful for that as I only have some instances of issues related to my disease. I have days where I feel like I require more rest and I make sure to take them.

In addition to my physical health, I want to focus on my mental health for a moment. I have been still struggling with some depression and I’ve been working through it within and outside of therapy. I have been meditating a lot more regularly which for me has boosted my mental health somewhat. Further, going outside when it is not hot out is also helping. I also take some of that time to connect with the land around me. I find that taking some time to reflect is beneficial for me to understand what is going on related to my depression. I have also used divination both from a close friend and by myself to assist in locating the root cause. I have days where things are better than others and I take my time to do all what I am being suggested in therapy along with the above-mentioned things like meditation, being outside, and so on to help with the depression.

My life overall has been rather productive. I took a vacation a while ago which was good for my mental health and scary. I have not gone out much during this past year so taking a Vacation was rather concerning, yet everything all worked out. I had a great time! Related to being productive I have been diving into my personal projects some of which is stuff related to my practice which I’ll go into in a separate video as the topic is rather involved. I’ve been getting involved with various communities and still looking for work on top of balancing time with family and friends in addition to volunteer projects. I am enjoying all of them and I learning how to not feel overwhelmed with all of it. Writing a great deal has assisted with this. Now that I have updated you all on my life I’d like to talk about the blog and channel.

Diverse Content and when to expect videos and blog posts:

During my time away, I looked at my statistics along with my past posts and videos. Though all of that I got to see what is watched and read the most. I want to share some of what I’d like to share related to what I’ve seen in the analytics.

More crystal content: I have noticed a lot of people love watching my videos on crystals. I want to create more content around it. Some of which includes more on crystal elixirs, grids, and working through blocks. Also, if you have anything related to crystals you would like to see feel free to comment on this post or video.

  • Blindness Awareness: This is more related to late September and October. Primarily, because October is National Disability Employment Awareness month and If I remember correctly related to blindness awareness. So, I want to answer questions I get asked a lot, discuss how I travel, and how that all fits into my practice as well.
  • LGBTQ+ Content: I have been reading on LGBTQ history, along with bisexuality visibility day and week being in September so I would like to highlight that. Also, I did not get a chance to do so in June when I originally wanted so I decided that I would share what I am learning now. Also, some information on national coming out day for October.
  • When to Expect Content: I want to make sure the content I have been posting videos and blogs as consistently as I can for the past several months except for this past month. I want to make sure that I am posting content that is enjoyable for everyone. I am a person who commits to each project personal or professional I get involved in and I do not commit If I can’t commit. I decided to continue Saturday’s same topics for each blog and video. The only day will change is instead of Fridays they will be on Sundays. This works better for me to have time for writing, filming, and it works out to keep it more consistent. I hope you enjoy and that you stay tuned!!

I have more content aside from the items listed here. I want to thank you again for sticking with me and still watching, reading, and commenting. I love creating content for each person who watch or reads my content. All of this in mind, I want to know what you would want to see and read? What do you enjoy about what I discuss and share? What would you like to see more or less of? Please comment on this post and video with your feedback!!

I discuss more in the video below:

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Many Blessings!!

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