Where Do I obtain books as a Blind Witch

Hi Readers, I realize I have discussed how I Read books as a blind witch. I wanted to discuss some of the ways in which I acquire books on Paganism, and Witchcraft. I tend to use a variety of resources. How I choose the books is highly dependent on what device I am using. In…… Continue reading Where Do I obtain books as a Blind Witch

Imbolc Altar and how I am celebrating.

Imbolc Altar : Left to right, top to bottom: Purple bag, various stones of various colors, and seashells, altar contains an incense burner HI Readers, Since Imbolc is coming up, I wanted to share how I plan to celebrate along with my current altar. I used a lot of what I had available as I…… Continue reading Imbolc Altar and how I am celebrating.

Blog and Channel Announcements!!!

Hi Readers, Welcome to 2021!! I wanted to make a few announcements related to the blog and channel. I am working on the content this weekend for both. I would like to highlight a few important things that you will see going forward. Content Twice a week: I have been posting once a week for…… Continue reading Blog and Channel Announcements!!!

#Gratitude and my personal practice

HI Readers, During the past, several months I have been focusing on developing a gratitude practice. I have read a lot of articles that gratitude can help within someone‚Äôs life including developing a more positive outlook in addition to feeling appreciative about what you have. I wanted to see how gratitude can help me throughout…… Continue reading #Gratitude and my personal practice

Some Thoughts On Dream Interpretation.

Hi Readers, Since the pandemic began, I like countless others have been experiencing vivid dreams. I am not alone in this; I have seen articles all over the place discussing this topic. I will post one below and you can find it in the description for the video as well. That said, I would like…… Continue reading Some Thoughts On Dream Interpretation.