Transitioning to Spring spells, crystals, and more!!

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As we head into spring, I have been contemplating how to celebrate the return of warmer weather, more Sun, and all the various animals in the area. I also consider what I like to use during this time of year in terms of aspects of my practice. I wish to discuss this in three aspects crystals, spells, and other exercises.


In terms of crystals, I like to use crystals that align with the spring season. I love Citrine, carnelian, rose quartz, sodalite, and green crystals. I use Citrine for embracing the returning light and rebirth of the season, while carnelian is used for evoking great change, I use rose quartz for self-love, sodalite for emotional healing, and green crystals for embracing to return of new life in whatever form it takes in my life. In my case, I am returning to University as mentioned in a prior blog and video, and I am transitioning to new elements of my practice like devotionals in different forms and learning new exercises for spellcasting and crafting.

I also have new crystals I am working with as well like fluorite, serpentine, and I incorporate each one in different spells, healing practices, meditation, in addition to other elements of my practice like when giving offerings. I work with a God of various aspects one of which is solar, and I love connecting with him through the use of Citrine. I do similar connections with my Goddess by using crystals like aventurine, jasper, hematite, and clear quartz. The spells I cast vary as well from everything to prosperity, new beginnings, spells for aiding in transition, healing, creativity, and emotional balance.

More on spells:

In addition to the spells listed above I also like to do spells that I feel need to be recast for various reasons. This includes protection of my sacred space,  home, and spells for health, and growth. I work with candles, crystals, incense, and anything else I have around my space. I use all of these items either together and individually. I cast my spells during various parts of the moon phases and solar phases. If you want to learn more on that watch this video and read this blog.

Do I cast spells each day during this time? Not always I tend to cast them as life changes and different parts come up. For instance, I create amulets for protection when I am going out. I create a personal protection ward for my space during the full moon or new moon. If I need it sooner then I cast as soon as possible. Other spells I work during this point include creating spells for healing myself in all areas of life emotional, physical, and this is especially the case when dealing with issues having a chronic illness. If I do cast throughout the month I tend to do anything related to the weather outside. For example, I cast a lot of healing spells for healing on Sunday as it brings solar energy and light same with rebirth along with doing anything related to prosperity on Thursdays and Sundays. I will time it with the moon and solar phases in addition to choosing ingredients carefully.

Other exercises:

In terms of other exercises related to my personal practice I do my best to spend time outside during the spring season. This includes being out in the Sun, going for walks, and just being mindful of what is around me. I spend time outside for devotional purposes, meditating on goals for the season both while outside and in general. I write more in my Mirror Book, and other magickal texts. I have been lax in this area lately so hope to really dive in this spring season. Finally, speaking of writing before meditating I like to journal on the past season, goals for this new season, and what I hope to learn from the meditation in addition to the season.

In sharing my practice in terms of how I prepare for spring I hope you find  inspiration you to create ways to either cast or craft new spells If you are a practitioner and If not, just to learn new ways how you view goals and transition. I would love to know how do you  transition into spring? What works for you? Share in the comments below!!

I discuss more in the video below:

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