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Welcome back to my series on magickal books and record keeping. Today, I would like to discuss something I do not see talked about very often. The Mirror Book or book of mirrors. I first learned about a Book of Mirrors through the book Wicca A guide For the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham. I have read about a Book Of Shadows but when I read about how a Book Of Mirrors or “Mirror Book” as he calls it in the book,  is another way to keep track of your spiritual path I thought it was a good concept. I liked the idea of a place specifically for my thoughts related to Wicca, in addition to other paths I was learning. I could write questions and look back on them. I thought I would share my own definition of a Mirror Book is along with other insights.

 A Book of Mirrors is a spiritual journal or book where you can record your thoughts, experiences, and other aspects related to your path. This might include thoughts about a spell you just crafted, what type of energy raising technique you used, poems/chants, some people record dreams. A Book of Mirrors can also include thoughts about things you would like to learn, you can include the date so you can review chronologically, in addition to the moon phase. Additionally, you could include how it affects you when it is waxing or waning, psychic experiences, divinations you have done and immediate results. You can add information about any readings you received. Some people like to keep separate books for different things and that’s fine. For myself, I keep information regarding books I have read and how they influence my practice, thoughts concerning things I am learning, struggles, moon phase information, along with thoughts about rituals I have yet to do such as what I have done prior to in addition to how I would like to change the overall theme or purpose.

I believe a mirror book reflects your spiritual path. I believe it is an extension of yourself as it contains your own thoughts concerning the path you are on, what questions you have, overall impressions about spells in addition to how they went during the casting process.  A Book Of mirrors can be stored on a file on your computer, a journal, notebook, or somewhere else. I personally have several files in one place. I do not share it with anyone.

You do not need to have a Book of Mirrors, but I believe it is very useful to have. I find my Book of Mirrors useful for writing down chants I am working on, meditations I have done, spells I have created, any alterations to the spells. I realize this may sound like a Book of Shadows to some, but it is not. A Book Of mirrors reflects your path like a Book of Shadows, but it serves a different purpose. A Book of Mirrors is a place for you to reflect, write questions you may have about a subject, or anything concerning your path. It is a personal reflection of your own experiences, meditation, and ultimately yourself. I do not just put anything I have written within my Book of Mirrors into my Book of Shadows. A Book of Shadows is a personal journal where you store rituals or spells that have worked, notes about results such as how it came about, what worked, and the actual spell or ritual. The Book of Mirrors may contain more insights on the spell like issues that arose during the casting process like doubts, distractions, substitutions for materials etc. I would not just put any spell or rituals in my Book of Shadows. I would put what spells worked, what rituals worked, information about my own personal path, and my beliefs. It is personal in that it is a more permanent type of personal journal that may get past down to future generations. I would write my overall experiences, thoughts, and opinions about different subjects within my Book of Mirrors like deities I have worked with, spirit encounters, and spells I am working on. Within a Book of Shadows, I may have chants I know I will use, recipes I know will reuse again, and more.

This is just my own opinion on what can go into a Book of Mirrors in addition to what makes it different than A Book of Shadows or Grimoire. However, others may add more information as they see fit. This may depend on the tradition, practice, and the individual.

I found some great discussions on this topic. I am sharing them to give you a different perspective than just my own.


I found this to be truly informative and I got a lot out of it. I agreed with a lot of the points about how critical thinking is important, in addition to the prompt she provides. I thought about a Book of Mirrors in a whole new way after reading this topic.

This video by Wiccan Mohan This video is a good discussion a Book of Mirrors. I enjoyed suggestions he made such as readings, dreams, and I think he gave a good definition of what a Book Of mirrors is. Further, I liked how he discusses what to put in a Book of Shadows vs Book of Mirrors in addition to a Grimoire.

If you were curious about the book I mentioned Click here

 I found the section of Mirror Books after the section discussing playing with energy.

A final great source on this topic is Kelly-Ann Maddox’s video on this topic. I loved her discussion on what a Book of Mirrors is to her in addition to what she uses it for. I would highly recommend you watch the whole thing as she reads a beautiful piece she wrote.

click to watch!

If you have not considered creating a book of Mirrors, I would highly recommend it. It can help you along your spiritual path and as I stated above it reflects you.

Many Blessings!!

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