Going back to University, Crohn’s and Content updates, and Witchy tips for altars, and the New Moon.

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I am excited to finally share some news with you all! Some things are still being worked out, but I am happy to share the news in addition to providing some quick updates. Also, I want to share tips for setting up crystals around your home, a few tips for altars on a budget, and tips for the New Moon.

I am heading back to university!

I mentioned in a previous video and blog, regarding sharing good news. I am excited to share the good news is I am going back to school. I am starting University this year in the fall and I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Mainly, because I have not been in school for a few years and I am in a different place in my life. Also, I am a little nervous as I am readjusting to being out more often, learning a new environment, and just being in a new school. I am excited for that I will be learning about communications in addition to the particular emphasis I am focusing on. More on that later as I want to have everything further along before speaking on it.   Further, I am looking forward to learning a different area altogether along with making   new friends. I look forward to sharing more on my new journey into university with you all on all platforms!!

Crohn’s update and content:

In terms of my Crohn’s disease, I’ve been doing well for the most part. I have a few issues with symptoms from time to time and they vary. However, I find out more on how I am doing soon and will provide more information later. I want to share more on social media as well as I want to make sure that on days where I can film, I can still provide something for you all and If not be able to share more how I rest or work on content while still getting plenty of rest.

In order to share awareness on Crohn’s disease, I did a video for #IBDAwarenessWeek back in 2021 and discussed how I came to my diagnosis, and more on my  journey.  I want to continue raising awareness to help those with IBD and their families to give back to the community. Also, I want to share ways I use my practice to aid in my health while still taking medication and keeping up with medical appointments. I plan to provide tips for newly diagnosed, sharing apps/resources, and what helps me and when I first got diagnosed. I am still going to share more on working spells, crystals, in addition to other content and am excited for it all! My consistency might be a little all over the place right now, but rest assured I will do my best to work on having a more consistent schedule for all content.

Crystal grids around the home, setting up altars on a budget, and tips for the New Moon:

In terms of placing crystals around the home I wish to share tips for choosing crystals, grids, and where to place. I like to keep crystals around my space not just my sacred space but depends on what my goal is. I choose my crystals based on the goal such as healing, relaxation, or IF it is part of a spell. I usually place grids around my altar space however you can do so in all parts of your home for every goal. For example, if you want to crate my relaxation you can use amethyst, clear quartz, sodalite, or other crystals you associate with relaxation and stress relief If that is what you are looking for. You can create the grid using a particular form or use shapes such as circles, squares, or you can print an existing one that you find online. Further, If you need more prosperity you can place a small grid either in a dish If you do not have a table or on a small table in a central location of your home, on your mantle If you have one, or somewhere else. If you live in a small space such as an apartment you can use a box to hold the grid in place and move it if need be being careful to not move the crystals too often, you can place the grid in a place where you don’t go very often, on a bookshelf, a small table in your hallway, or somewhere else. These can also apply to larger spaces but thought I would give considerations for those in small spaces. Good crystals I have used for prosperity are jade, Tiger Eye, aventurine, Citrine for success, clear quartz charged for prosperity, and other green colored crystals.  I associate green with prosperity If you do not that then substitute the colors you use. In terms of where to place the suggestions can be used for either space but you can place the grid somewhere it will not be disturbed or tell people not to disturb the grid. This is just a preference of mine as I feel that sometimes it can be disruptive to the energy in my experience. I am still learning about crystal grids so that may change. GO with what works for you.

Tips for setting up altar on a budget I have more in depth video on setting up an altar based on this blog coming soon. In terms of tips for setting up an altar on a budget use items that you find outside such as sticks, rocks, twigs, or anything else you find on a walk. I like to leave something as thanks for what I have found that is sustainable, so I usually give water to a nearby tree and just say a verbal thanks. You can use a box If you need a temporary altar to place items you find in nature inside, you can use birthday candles for representing your spell, a God or other being If you work with one, and I have even used just a small bowl as an altar when I need to do something in a pinch. You can use the shape of the bowl or box to aid in your set up process. Some people will use the elements as a guide placing candles, crystals, or other items to represents the elements on the four directions or corners of the box. You can use flameless battery operated candles for fire safety or follow other suggestions like using crystals or stones. Other options you can use rocks painted in different colors or use pictures to represent the elements. Maybe you have a bowl with  a specific color or the box has a design that can be something to work with. Altars are personal so you can set it up how you feel is best. I used a dresser for a time but had no altar cloth so I just used fabric in the color I wanted and placed items based on the shape. You can set it up based on the season, goal, or purpose of the altar. Also, I base this on  where I am going to work my spell or hold ritual. If I am outside, I use what is around me outside like a tree or space in my yard. All depends on the situation. These are suggestions so feel free to do some research by checking out altars from others and check out budget friendly ones as well to give you ideas.

Finally, I wish to give tips for working with the New Moon. Many people do all forms of manifesting during the New Moon myself included but I have done other things as well. I start a new project during the New Moon such as working on a new journal prompt, working on my goals for the lunar cycle, cleansing my space, or even something as simple as starting a new book. Other options include If you are at a new job or are begun to move into a new space you can work with those energies by manifesting success for the new move or job. In terms of manifesting you can light a candle associated with new beginnings I like yellow for new beginnings but If this doesn’t work you can use White for purification or cleaning, in addition to other purposes. You can burn the candle writing your manifestation on a paper and burn the paper as the candle burns in a safe place. If you cannot burn candles, you can write it on a paper and keep it with you on your person in a safe place like an inner pocket or purse until it has manifested. You can set up your altar for all forms of manifesting what you desire using crystals, herbs, candles, or other items you associate with manifesting. Use what is available to you in your own home. You can use pictures, objects like coins for prosperity which is something you can bring in during a new moon. Another option for a spell for the new moon is casting a spell to bring forth a new opportunity for a job, project, and other opportunities.

I hope these tips and suggestions inspire you for both your altar or for working with the new moon and crystal grids. I am sharing to help those come up with ideas for the space you live or for your sacred space. Would love to know what you found most helpful? Share in the comments!!

I discuss more in the video below:

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