All about incense, uses, and types of burners I use

a soapstone incense burner with a cone incense inside, a pack of incense sticks, and a long wooden incense burner rest on a table. A small box is on the table next to a larger one both are labeled Nag Champa.
Insence burners

Hi Readers,

Lately, I have been taking note of how much incense I own in addition to burn it constantly. I own a lot incense along with different types from loose incense I have made, stick, and cone. Incense is something I use regularly within my practice for offerings, meditations, in spellwork, ritual, and in other ways. Further, I wanted to share some of incense burners I own while also discussing which burner is used for what type.

In the above picture features a soap stone incense burner the lid has the shape like certain that I of stars and it can burn both stick and cone incense. Thus far I have only tried it with cone incense and I am almost certain that the burner can burn lose incense typically burned on charcoal discs but I have not attempted to do so. The soap stone burner I typically keep on my altar and use when giving offerings, burning incense during spellwork, and ritual. The other burner is a wooden one with it’s own decoration  which I can’t recall what it is at the moment. This burner can burn stick and cone incense but I mainly use for stick. The long wooden burner has a compartment in the back for storing incense inside it.

The Nag Champa incense I have in the above picture is one of my most used along many others. I like earthy scents, along with some Citrus ones. Also, I find incense to be useful for different purpose in magick depending on what it is made of like sage for cleansing for example. Also, I have used incense for offerings such as something I have made specifically for  the spirits, Deities, I work with however, I have used incense I have purchased that I know they will except. These are just some of  the types of incense I use, in addition ! the ways in which I use incense featuring some of the burners I use and which type of incense goes with what burner. Do you use incense in your practice? If so, what are some of the ways you use it?

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