How I am focusing on my mental health during this time

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I have been working a lot on my mental health. Recently, I started seeing a therapist due to  anxiety I am having. I am writing about my own mental health right now as I think it is just as important as our physical health. In my opinion, mental health is often overlooked, and I think now more than ever we need to make it more of a priority without disregarding our overall physical health. I thought I would share some of the ways I am working on mine in addition to seeking help. Keep in mind, this is just how I am choosing to approach this from my own perspective as it relates to my practice.

I am limiting how much news, social media, and other forms of information I consume daily. What we consume from what we eat, the media, and who we interact with has an impact on our health. I think keeping a balance about how much we consume without becoming overwhelmed is an important step, as this allows us to stay informed without given into fear. For instance, I listen to the news, and check social media only twice a day for a certain period of time in my case 10-15 minutes. I stick to reliable sources both nationally and internationally, along with reading latest the information through my local public health webpage. In doing so, I am able to  focus on what is important without being overwhelmed. The reason for the time limit is so that I have enough time to understand what is going on and I m able to process it during that time without being overwhelmed by the constant notifications from my phone. When I receive news notifications throughout the day, I simply ignore it or turn them off.

I am working long-term spells meaning that I am working spells that will last longer than a month or full lunar cycle. I am doing this as I am continuously giving energy towards the magick I am working in order to allow it to manifest. Furthermore, I am building up a steady energy flow rather than expending a large amount of energy all at once. Also, some of the spells relate to what is going on like healing, spells for protection, and prosperity. I have worked many of these spells for months long before the current global crisis began, I am simply adding energy towards it. What the spells look like are based on the situation such as protection for my family that are essential workers, protection of my home, and so forth. Additionally, I use what items I own that are in and around my home like stones, crystals, incense, and I continue to work with  the spirits of the land around me. Do what works for you and your situation.

A final thing that I am working on in terms of my mental health is making sure I am staying social with people. I can do this via phone call, video, and text. This is useful for everyone as it keeps the connections we have built. Also, I am making sure to continue my meditation practice which anyone can do regardless of whether or not they are a Witch. Meditation helps you stay present, focused, and allows you to be mindful of the moment. I am trying a new meditation daily through various apps, YouTube, crystals, and concepts I work on. Please If you are suffering in any form please seek help either through your health care provider or online. If you are in the United States This Resource Is a good place to start.

What are you doing for your mental health? How are you focusing on it within your practice? Leave a comment!

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