Magickal Records Series: Introduction

Hi Readers,

Welcome to a new series on magickal records. I have been writing more in my magickal books. I do not just own a Grimoire and a Book of Shadows as it is most notably referred to. This is dependent on the people in addition to what path they follow. I own three different types of books a mirror book also called a Book of Mirrors, a Book of Shadows, and a Grimoire.  Within this series I would like to discuss why I keep records in addition to what my definition of what I think a Book of Shadows is, in addition to what a Grimoire is. I will also discuss what are the differences between each.  

I feel that it is important to explain my current views on such things as people will often confuse the terms. For me, I see a difference within each in addition to each book serving a specific purpose. I believe keeping records is important and it is something I wish I had done a lot sooner. If I had I would have been able to track my progress sooner, in addition to reflect on more fundamental aspects of my practice. However, it is something I have begun doing more so and I found that it has played an instrumental role in my path. I find that writing things down has allowed me to track my progress, successes, and failures. In doing so, I can see what and where I need to make improvements in different aspects such as crafting my spells, what worked, what didn’t, and track the results. Moreover, I can see how my beliefs have changed over the years, I can note down recipes I have tried to make, how they came out, write down spells that have worked, rituals I have done in addition to how they worked, and what I can do differently If something did not go as planned.

If you have not started any form of record keeping I would highly recommend it. I hope through the series I can help explain a differnt perspective and share how it has help me so it might help you keep track as you walk your path.

Many Blessings!!

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