Learning Tarot through apps my experience.

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As I mentioned in this blog and video, I want to share more on my exploration of the tarot through the use of apps on my phone. For context, I am using an iPhone using a screen reader which reads all things on the screen this is no exception.

How did I hear about the apps and general overview?

Two good friends of mine told me about the apps in question. The first is tarot sampler which contains a wide selection of decks and tarot simple which allows use to learn the traditional Rider-Wait deck. These apses are easy to use and intuitive. I encourage you to try them out. The tarot simple app is easy to use goes over meanings, has image descriptions, and I feel gives great insight. The tarot sampler app which I feel is great for more advanced users and for beginners because I can chose different decks, cloths, and readings. I appreciate the app for that. I also like the ability to change the type of readings in both apps for yes/no questions, different spreads, and so much more!

My overall thoughts on reading with them and accuracy:

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by what I learned. Both apps allow me to journal about my experience. I find this useful and helpful so I can find them in one place. I find the accuracy of apps telling me meanings, including reversals, general interpretation, and how to formulate a question. The tarot sampler app allows me to write my question, but I did not see this for tarot simple app. This said, I appreciate both for the use being able to keep my thoughts in one place.

The reading experience I great with both apps. Both allow me to learn the cards, imagery with great descriptions, and I feel I am able to use both based on the information provided. Tarot sampler has text from tarot books, describes each deck in terms of what card corresponds to what deck, and so to does the tarot simple providing me a link to read more.

This is a great way for me to learn how to read tarot although strictly for myself and not others. I feel I can gain experience reading with multiple decks through tarot sampler and learning more traditional ways through tarot simple.

I feel that as a Witch who is blind I can learn tarot accessibly through these apps until I can find a good way for me to get a physical deck. Finally, I am uncertain IF tarot is for me and I feel learning through these apps will provide me a way to find out.

I attempted to place the app store links for both apps but could not find them. So, I encourage you to research more on these two apps and others that exist If you are interested.

I discuss more in the video below:

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Many Blessings!!

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