An apology, 2022 overall, and covid.

Hi Readers,

Before diving into the main part of this post, I want to apologize to you all who consume all my content. I do my best to provide updates via Twitter currently, but I realize that I need to learn other ways of doing so. I had planned on having a lot more content throughout the end of 2022, but various tech and life challenges occurred. I am discussing this and more below!

I caught Covid, tech issues, and losing my voice again:

You read correctly, in November I caught Covid. I spent my entire week resting, reading, and thankfully with no issues. I delt with mild symptoms but the fatigue was no joke!!

I am just grateful for not experiencing long covid issues either.

Shortly after the Covid situation the holidays were around and I had a slue of tech issues from my computer to internet, and issues with my phone. Most of the tech issues have been fixed at this point.

Additionally, I lost my voice during the holidays as well. I had planned on recording a bunch of content and writing but my voice was completely gone for a week, and I had other stuff related to work.

This said, I am just glad it did not last a long time.

Focusing on Mental Health:

I have mention in previous videos, that I have struggled with anxiety. I still do its just less so than I have in the past. However, I spent a lot of time focusing on my mental health, which included relearning what I wanted to make more time for, learning what is important to me, working on my practice, and just focusing on working on tools suggested by my therapist as well.

I can say that they have helped a great deal and I am grateful for therapy.

Also, in line with my mental health I had to make two major decisions in 2022, one negative and one positive.

I have made them, and I have more on this news to share in the next blog and video.

2022 Overall:


Overall, 2022, was a year of growth, healing, mental health support, and challenges.

I found work, I worked on my channel, I focused on my practice and path more, in addition to other aspects. I focused on learning more about myself and learned more on boundaries, friendships, relationship, and focused on growing as a person.

I want to thank you for sticking with me and for those who are new I thank you for waiting.

I plan on making sure that all videos and blogs will come out monthly and in a timely manner.


 Look forward to 2023!!

I hope you will join me!!

I discuss more in the video below:

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Many Blessings

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