Crystals I use to work through emotional blocks.

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During my previous blog post and video, I discussed working spells to help with mental health. I also mentioned in another post and video  I would be discussing working through blocks. I want to share how I approach working through blocks from my view. How I use them to work through emotional blocks. Within this post I will cover what crystals I like to use for this purpose and in a separate post I want to discuss how I approach meditation and divination for working through blocks.

I thought I would share an emotional block that I feel many of us feel self-doubt and anxiety. I have felt the most in my practice when trying something new. When I am learning a new exercise in the past, I have found myself questioning whether I did the exercise correctly in addition to doubting whether the exercise worked in the first place. Of course, this is just one example out of many. I have also found myself as I mentioned previously with anxiety and within my practice this is how it usually shows up. I have found this to be the case when the exercise is something complex or just a new concept. For example, when I learned about casting a circle, I was anxious to try it because I read about so many ways to cast a circle. So, I tried one and stuck with it as well to working through that block in addition to using crystals. These examples in mind, I am providing a list of crystals to work for this type of block and others to help If this list does not apply to you, just use the crystal for your specific situation or use what you have on hand. I am providing work arounds If crystals are not available to you in a separate post.

  • Rhodochrosite: I love using this crystal for emotional balance, helping work through anxiety as it is good for helping with understanding the root of the emotional issue. Before I found this crystal, I used clear quartz charged for reducing anxiety. I would hold it in my hand and consider what about the exercise in my case casting a circle made me anxious. Through this process I learned that my overall block was worrying I was doing it incorrectly. So, I tried a version that seemed simple at first then tried more complex ways later.
  • Carnelian: I love using this crystal to help with fear, motivation, and other uses. One of my emotional struggles was working through a block around trying something more complicated like a new ritual or spell in my practice so I did a similar exercise with the clear quartz and rhodochrosite. I found that after working with both crystals for a week and sometimes longer helped me get past that block.
  • Amethyst: I love amethyst to help me when I am suffering from panic attacks or just general depression. I find that amethyst helps when I am trying something out and I am nervous. Going back to the depression example, I find that amethyst is the crystal I use along with rhodochrosite to help when I feel stagnation in my personal practice.

You can use all these crystals, or you can only use one. How you use them will depend on how your practice looks like. If you like working with crystal grids you can make one use amethyst or rhodochrosite as your center stone then complementing it with different crystals to promote emotional like amethyst, sodalite from my experience, and clear quartz for amplifying the energy for the grid. You could also just use clear quartz charged for the emotional block you are working on as part of the grid. You could use carnelian pieces to help with reducing fear, working through motivation issues by creating a grid, wearing in a piece of jewelry, or something else entirely. I have even added crystals to spell jars containing items to help through the block such as affirmations.

I could expand on this list of crystals I use in addition to the list I mentioned above. Further, I could discuss ways to incorporate them into other aspects of working through blocks like meditation. I hope that in sharing these crystals and how I use them I have helped you consider different ways to work through emotional or other blocks.

I discuss more in the video below:

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