Using Meditation, divination, and Crystals to work through blocks.

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In continuing my discussion on blocks, I want to share how I incorporate divination, meditation, and crystals when working through any type of blocks. I discussed previously how I use crystals while working through emotional blocks. In that post and video, I mention how I use the crystals such as within a grid, along with what types of crystals I use like amethyst and rhodochrosite. Today, I wish to discuss how I use each method in working through blocks.


The first step in my process is to understand the root of what block I find myself experiencing. For instance, with my anxiety I like to meditate on what causes my anxiety, and I will sometimes incorporate journaling into this process after doing a brief meditation on anxiety such as is it anxiety related to a specific life situation? Am I concerned with finances, health, or something else? I will choose a meditation specific to the aspect of my anxiety and If I cannot find one online, I will just sit with the question and meditate on it. Once, I figure out the root of the issue I will journal about my meditation experience in addition to using crystals during the meditation like rhodochrosite to keep my emotions balanced. While meditating I usually hold to crystal in my hand to make a more tactile experience, in addition to using the tactile sensation as a means in which to connect to the crystal’s energy.  I have also meditated on depression and others specific symptoms using this process along with other types of meditations. The meditations will vary based on how I am feeling before the meditation, time constraints, and how much energy I have.


I chose to discuss divination at this point as this is part of my process. Moreover, divination can give valuable insight into our situations. I realize some people struggle with this, but you can always ask for help from people in the community or if you are learning you can read using your preferred method then get a second opinion later. I like to use different divination methods based on the situations like how I use crystals and spells for this process. If I want more insight into the situation such as details and outcomes, I will use a card-based divination system. For myself this might look like playing cards or oracle. If I am searching for just specific information, I will use either crystals or a pendulum. However, these changes depending on the situation in question as I mentioned before. Lastly, I have also used spirit communication in this process through meditation and inviting in my spirit guides. Also, I have used offerings to my deities as well to ask for assistance. One I nearly forgot to mention is I have used scrying with a candle to help with working through blocks. For example, If I am struggling with anxiety around something sometimes it is related to my practice or a larger situation, I find that scrying using a candles flame can help me understand details of why I feel anxious that I would not get through other methods. However, I do not use this often because I struggle to keep my eyes focused on the flame, so I keep my scrying sessions short.


I have discussed in depth on what crystals I use and how I use them. However, I want to share how I use them as part some spells I have cast like using candle magick in addition to using them as part of my process. I mentioned above how I used crystals in meditation to work through the blocks by holding them. I have also placed crystals in the form of a grid when doing a candle spell for depression and anxiety. I placed the grid around the candle keeping the candle itself as the center of the grid If you will. Moreover, I have used enchanted crystal jewelry while working the spells. I tend to work the spells after I have meditated on the blocks I am working on, and I find that magick is required for the situation. If you have no crystals like the ones, I mentioned like rhodochrosite using what you do have. If you have herbs, you can create an incense to use during meditation to help you focus and work through the block, or if you only have rocks from the backyard, you can also charge them like you would other crystals. Do you use candles? Use charged or consecrated candles for working through blocks for yourself. You could incorporate moon and solar phases into the process as well. For example, using the waning moon to banish something that is keeping you from moving past the block you experience using clear quartz, just candles, or herbs. If you work with sigils, you could spend time creating them during the new moon or other moon phase. You could work a spell during sunset to help with balance, in addition to other parts of the day together with the above methods. I have used all of these and a lot more. My process changes in terms of how I go about based on the situation. Use what works for you and your practice.

I hope that in sharing some of these tips I have helped you come up with strategies you can use to work through your own blocks. Whether they be emotional, or otherwise I hope this post and video has assisted you.

I discuss more in the video below:

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