Spells I’ve Cast both current and within the past year.

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Where I live, we are still within the summer season. We have only experienced a few days with cooler temperatures for the area> I bring this up firstly because I have been working a lot of spells lately for protection in addition to safety, mental health, prosperity, and a few others. Fires are commonplace and we have been experiencing a great deal of fires lately. This is typical for this region. All of this in mind, I would like to discuss some of the most cast spells within my practice not just currently but in the past year or so. I share this to help others within their practices. Keep in mind, that most of these spells have already manifested and I am sharing after they have taken place.


Over the past year, in addition to this current fire season, I have cast more protection spells than any others. These spells look different based on what I am protecting myself and what needs protection. For example, I have cast a spell for protection to protect my home from fire, theft, and I have enchanted a few objects that I use daily when I am traveling. For example, I use a white cane, so I have used magick to enchant it, in addition to masks, cleaning supplies, in addition casting these and similar spells especially now as it relates to the Pandemic mainly while going and when returning to my home. I tend to cast spells over the long-term meaning that I do not just cast my spell on a Full Moon and that’s it. I also check to see If the timing is correct before casting it using some form of divination. Finally, when casting a spell for protection against theft I Use items I want to be protected in addition to warding my entire home. Further, I use mundane actions such as locking doors, being aware of surroundings while out, and being mindful of what I carry with me while traveling as well. I find that all these mundane actions can be turned into magickal acts which I will go into in a separate video.

Mental Health:

I think it goes without saying that this past year has been trying for just about everyone and in many respects, many are still struggling. Moreover, mental health issues are continuing to be on the rise. This said, over the past year and even before the Pandemic I was working spells for mental health. I have shared in a past video, about creating a crystal grid for anxiety as part of a larger working. I have done candle spells in the past to help with anxiety symptoms and depression. I have used crystals as part of amulets to aid in helping me reduce panic attacks. Furthermore, I have created spells to help with emotional issues like helping me banish and release negativity around me. This does not help nor remove me from experiencing the emotions but simply aids in working through emotional struggles and blocks.


I know several people including myself who have either lost their job or are not employed for a variety of reasons. For myself, I am currently seeking employment so as such prosperity and other related spells have been cast. I have done crystal girds for bringing in prosperity, spells jars and small candle spells to bring in success, I have done spells using crystals to aid in confidence for interviews, and I did a spell in the past for success in locating employment. All of which have worked to some degree or another.

I could expand on this list of most cast spells not just in the past year but for the past several years of my personal practice. However, I find that with these trying times I felt inspired to share some of these spells I have cast. I hope that in doing so, I have helped you understand different ways to cast spells for the same purpose in addition to sharing my experience.

I discuss more in the video below:

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