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Hi readers,

Over the past few months I have been preparing for a trip I will be taking. This trip will involve lots of flying so I have been considering what I would be taking with me. If you are wondering what this has to do with my practice as a Witch, it has a lot to do with it. My practice is a large component of my life even If it doesn’t seem like it for a lot of people. I am always doing something related to my craft whether it is trying a new form of divination, reading a new book, trying a new energy manipulation exercise, working on visualization, meditation such as trying a different form, or just working on long term spells. One thing that is important to understand is that I do not use the same spell for every situation. I always change the spell according to the specific situation. In addition, I do not nor have I ever used spells from books because I find that I either don’t like something about how the spell is phrased, that I don’t feel that the intention of the spel doesn’t apply to the situation, and most importantly I feel that the best spells written in addition to cast are best done by the person in need of the spell.

In terms of traveling I tend to take items that I know security can easily identify such as crystals, birthday candles or tea lights because they are small, or just natural objects. Sometimes, I won’t take candles, or anything related because I may be in a place that does not allow anything to be burned or smoke. So, in such cases I will as I stated take natural objects. I have used salt, crystals in different colors to represent the elements or any deities/spirits I work with, seashells I have collected, or something I know will fit into a small box or bag. Also, sometimes I won’t take anything with me because I may just work with what is available at my destination. Further, I always tend to bring certain crystals that I feel are important to the situation such as something I have programmed prior for protection while traveling or something to help cleanse the space. Another important factor is how long I will be in the location so I may take some items like divination tools that I know I will use while traveling for long periods just like I usually have some crystals like I mentioned. Like the spells I don’t take the same crystals every vacation I take.

Another key thing I may do is if the spell is something, I need to cast right now or within a few days of my trip I will look at the spell in question and see If I can change something that will work while traveling. Also, I will do divination to see If the spell is necessary during this time or If it can wait. If I determine that it is important that I cast the spell before I will cast the spell prior to my departure.

I know a lot of other Witches like to create travel sized altars either for the actual purpose of going on a trip or because of some other situation such as not being out as a Witch to your family, or due to limited space. In the case of the trip I am going on I will have a travel altar with me, but I have not built it yet. Since this is a longer trip, I want just a few things I know I will be using regularly to assist me in some workings in addition to readings I will be doing as well. I find that having a travel altar is nice because the altar is a large part of my practice as I feel that it is a physical manifestation of what I may be working on and it serves as a connection to various spirits and other entities that I work with. When I travel, I want to keep that connection going which this altar allows me to do. Travel altars are something I can easily pack, use, and store when not in use which is important especially when you may be traveling with others. Lastly, as I build this travel altar, I will consider the situation, how much space, and what I will bring carefully. A future post with a photo of the altar will be posted as soon as I am completed with it. I won’t go into detail on everything, but I will share how I chose everything inside.

I hope that this post has helped you consider options while traveling in terms of what you may or may not bring while on vacation either locally or abroad.

Do you have any tips or suggestions that I did not cover?

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  1. When you travel do you bring offerings for the local deities? I am new in my practice and going on a Mediterranean cruise next year and want to show respect as I visit new places.

    1. Hello,
      thank you for the comment!!

      Honestly, I am not an expert of this but I think it depends on what your practice is and I personally depend it on the Deities. If I do not have a relationship with the Deity I would not give offering without doing research. If you do want to as a form of respect I would recommend giving something you know they would appreciate by reading on how they are honored and what they were given in addition to what is part of the culture in the area. Also, I would recommend stating your intent for the offering. This is just my perspective and I love the respect you are showing to the local deities!
      Hope this helps!!

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