How I make Crystal Grids.

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As part of my continued discussion on crystals I wanted to talk about how I approach creating a crystal grid. I include a demonstration as part of my video on this process you can see at the end of the post.

I begin by choosing my crystals I discuss that within more detail in the above post and in this video. Part of the choice factor is the spell I am working in addition to what I have on hand. Further, I choose crystals that I have already cleansed and charged for the spells purpose. Afterword, I begin by choosing one crystal to be my center stone as this is what I have heard it referred to as, along with choosing crystals that complement the grid. For example, I created a crystal grid for assisting with releasing anxiety. I included crystals like clear quartz to give me energy, carnelian for motivation, and a few other main crystals.

When, I build my grids I use specific geometric patterns most people discuss using sacred geometry see below for a source that talks more about that. I have not always been the best when crating shapes, but I find that I resonate with circles, squares, and I like to incorporate some numerology. For example, I created a circle with my releasing anxiety spell, with 5 crystals surrounding my center stone. I choose 5 because I resonate with the number, but I have also used 4 for stability, foundation, completion, in addition to other numbers like 2 for balance.

One main thing I would like to mention is that I like to have smaller crystals surrounding my center stone, this is just how I like to create my grid. I also find it easier for me to distinguish between them. However, I use what is available to me and I have used larger ones as well.

Finally, where I place my grid depends on the purpose for the grid. I have used crystal grids for healing, as part of spells for prosperity, motivation, and other aspects of my practice. If you want to create a crystal grid as part of any type of spell like a candle spell, or something else do so. GO with works for you. I have placed the grid on top of a card that represents something I am doing a working for like anxiety, money, or a protection grid I created. I may write a word, create a picture, or something else. I have heard of people using models for the shapes but that is up to you.

I find crystal grids a great way to manifest, promote healing, peace, and several other possibilities.

I hope this assists you in creating your own.


Sacred Geometry:

This is a good resource for information related to sacred geometry. Discusses what it is, how it has been used, and more.


This is a good resource for information pertaining to all aspects of numerology from life paths numbers, and other aspects of a numerology chart.

Taken from the same source this discuss what numerology is.

I discuss more in the video below:

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