Crystal Series Part 2: Cleansing crystals, how often, and tips

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This is my second installment in my crystal series. In My Previous Post I discussed choosing and connecting with crystals. In this post I would like to discuss my thoughts on cleansing crystals, some tips on how to do so, and I would like to discuss something that gets discussed frequently how often to cleanse your crystals.

For myself and my practice, I find cleansing crystals to be an easy process. However, I believe cleansing should be used to remove any energies either good or negative terms I don’t use often. I believe cleansing should be used done only after purchasing because you don’t know how the crystal was treated from actually mining it, to getting it polished or tumbled If that is what you are purchasing, in addition to everyone’s energy who touches it from the points discussed above right down to the  people that  are perspective customers  who handle the crystal  at the store. These points could be expanded further from people who are shipping the crystals to other parts of the world to the people obtaining them such as the mining but also people who just get them from other sources. This is not to say that all sources are not appropriate, but I am just wary about how some crystals are created in addition to how they are obtained. You don’t necessarily realize how the workers, or the conditions are when they are obtaining crystals or other gems. All, I believe how you cleanse your crystal will depend on 3 factors what your crystal is made of physically, what the crystal is such as clear quartz, /hematite, or something else, and method of cleansing. Also, what you use the crystal for will determine this as well. For example, I cleanse crystals when doing healing work as I want to keep them at its base frequency so I can reuse it. Or I will just charge it with the purpose of healing If I am not using for anything else like a magical working.  

If you look up any information regarding cleansing crystals several possibilities which may conflict with one another will appear. For instance, you will see mention of using salt, water, both, and the energy of the moon/sun to cleanse crystals. I will explain what I have done and why I chose this.

Regarding my first mention of how the crystal is physically this is what I check first as the geological components of what the crystal is made up of is useful as it tells me what this crystal can be cleansed with such as water. For example, clear quartz something I use regularly can be placed in water, however in my experience hematite can not be placed in water because when I did this it started to corrode. Moreover, I found out it was because certain physical properties in hematite in contact with the water caused this. You can look up more information on this If you are interested. Note: I did this water submersion to cleanse it several years ago. My source for the physical properties of crystals in terms of geological information comes from This Source I found this source to be useful for information on various properties of crystals in addition to other minerals. One thing I also want to note is that I have found that whether the crystal is raw or tumbled can make a difference in terms of cleansing. I cleansed a piece of hematite with saltwater and nothing seems to happen. However, I only did this to see If it would make a difference. I believe the only difference I noticed was a change in color and that it felt softer when I touched it. I am not an expert on this, but this is just my experience.

I would like to explore methods for a moment. As a stated above you will find a variety of information regarding crystals and cleansing them. I believe that you should do research regardless of the method as I know certain crystals just like with salt or water you can not place certain ones in the Sun. For example, amethyst is one such crystal as the color will fade when place in direct sunlight. Moreover, just like the water situation certain crystals can’t be placed in salt as it can cause damage to the crystal. So, what about the moon? If I am uncertain of the properties of any crystals both metaphysically and physically, I would hesitate to purchase but If it is something new, I am working with I will use the moon’s energy as it will not harm it. Furthermore, certain crystals can not withstand smoke or heat as I have seen some begin to crack but it depends on the crystal. Again, do research on the crystal both physically and not to understand what can take place or just use the moon. What phase of the moon will depend on your intention and use for the crystal? For example, for new projects use the new moon and for something that requires release use the waning moon, or full moon for protection for example. You can also do your research on this as well and meditate with the crystal to se how it would work with the situation.

One thing I want to mention is that charging is different to cleansing. I believe charging is a term often interchanged with intention setting which depending on who you talk with they will use different terms. I believe charging, also called programing crystals is imbuing the crystal with a specific energy for something. This can be done depending on how you work with them. For instance, I might use obsidian as it is good for protection. I have used it this for this purpose prior to researching the metaphysical properties of obsidian. Charging can take place through visualization which I have done, using another crystal or similar crystals with that property, or using the energies of the moon or Sun. Do what work for you.

Lastly, I would like to discuss how often crystals should be cleansed. Look up any information and you will see conflicting answers such as every full moon, every few months, and so on. I used to believe it should be done regularly. However, through research and experimentation in addition to looking at a source which will be my final post in this series I have learned other views. My views are this every crystal has a specific frequency and energy that is specific to that crystal. Thus, the crystal does not need to be cleansed as often or at all as you might think. The reason is you can always bring the crystal back to its natural frequency. I learned about this idea  through HibiscusMoon She not only goes into her views on the subjects but also discusses it on a scientific basis in addition to what she uses to cleanse or as she calls retuning method.

As far as tips I can only suggest that you build a relationship with a crystal individually which I discussed in my previous. Also, as far as methods I would say after doing research and working with the crystals use what works. If you are ever uncertain use the energy of the moon or sun If the crystal can handle it. You can also use crystals to cleanse other crystals. For example, I have heard of people using selenite to cleanse other crystals. I have experienced this but only because I have charged the piece for that purpose. I have also used other crystals like smoky quartz which I have also used for other purposes like protection in addition to dealing with electromagnetic emissions, and I have also used clear quartz for its amplification properties with again me charging it for the purpose of cleansing.

This topic can be expanded on however I thought I would discuss my views as I hope to help others learn more about using crystals. What are your experiences? What do you use to cleanse crystals?

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