Numerology in my practice.

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I have been inspired by my post on crystal grids. I want to discuss how numerology plays a role within my practice.

I am not someone who understands math as easily as others. If you are wondering why I am writing about math, I believe to understand numerology has a lot to do with math to an extent. It is important to understand math to a degree before understanding the significance behind the numbers themselves. I feel like If I could understand the math behind then I will not have any problems. That said, I still incorporate numbers into my practice.

Numbers like 3 6 and 9 have been used in all kinds of practices. I have seen books discuss saying certain words 3 times, also when discussing ritual or magick, I have seen references to casting a circle 3 times, in addition to other numbers like 6 or 8. Moreover, I have used all those numbers and more for my own connections not just what someone might read in a book. For example, I resonate with the number 4 because of its associations with balance, stability, creating foundations, and I find that it sets up for success. I have used the number 4 when casting spells stating my incantation 4 times, working with the 4 elements, and in other aspects of magick. Another example, of using numerology is working with numbers when creating a spell. For example, I have used the same number of ingredients in the spell such as with the instance of using 4 I have used 4 candles, 4 crystals, and reciting my chant or incantation 4 times. Numerology is a complex topic and the above-mentioned ways in which I use numerology are not the only ways in which you can use numbers within your practice, nor do they scratch the surface.

These are just some of the ways I have used numerology within my practice.

I discuss more in the video below:

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