Numerology in my practice.

            Hi readers, I have been inspired by my post on crystal grids. I want to discuss how numerology plays a role within my practice. I am not someone who understands math as easily as others. If you are wondering why I am writing about math, I believe to understand numerology has a lot to…… Continue reading Numerology in my practice.

How I make Crystal Grids.

Hi readers, As part of my continued discussion on crystals I wanted to talk about how I approach creating a crystal grid. I include a demonstration as part of my video on this process you can see at the end of the post. I begin by choosing my crystals I discuss that within more detail…… Continue reading How I make Crystal Grids.

Crystals for Healing.

Hi Readers, As part of my discussion on crystals this month I wanted to discuss how I use crystals for healing. To do so I thought I would discuss different ways I use crystals for healing overall in addition to key aspects like emotions and physical health. Please understand that crystals are not meant to…… Continue reading Crystals for Healing.

Crystals and Mental Health.

Hi Readers, As part of the month of May and in honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month,  I have been discussing a lot pertaining to crystals. I would like to discuss crystals as they relate to mental health. Please note I do not think that crystals are to be used in place of or…… Continue reading Crystals and Mental Health.