Imbolc Altar and how I am celebrating.

Imbolc Altar : Left to right, top to bottom: Purple bag, various stones of various colors, and seashells, altar contains an incense burner

HI Readers,

Since Imbolc is coming up, I wanted to share how I plan to celebrate along with my current altar. I used a lot of what I had available as I am running low on candles now.

As you can see, I have taken down a lot of crystal grids I had on past altars. This is mainly because they have all completed the spells associated and I felt it was time to take them down. I wanted to emphasize purification and cleansing this season which is why I have a white cloth in addition to the fact that white is associated with purification. Also, I find that I am working with purifying myself both spiritually and physically, so I decided to use a lot of amethyst as it helps me connect with my intuition in addition to myself on a spiritual level. I am using other items not shown in the above picture and I plan on adding more items that day. I also decided to use clear quartz and aventurine to represent the coming of spring and growth. I also have my amethyst I use for meditation, along with a few other items. I am also focusing on protection, so I have some small pieces of onyx I believe and on the far side obsidian.

As far as Imbolc I am planning on celebrating next week starting on the 1st and end on the 2nd. I realize not everyone celebrates this way, but this is how I chose to do so. Further, I want to cleanse my space in addition to physically cleaning it as form. I plan on lighting incense specific to cleansing and as many candles as I can.

These are just a few ways I plan to celebrate Imbolc this year. I discuss more in the video below:

Do you celebrate Imbolc? If so, how will you be celebrating? No matter how you choose to celebrate or not, I hope you have a blessed Imbolc season!!

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Many Blessings!!

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