#Gratitude and my personal practice

HI Readers,

During the past, several months I have been focusing on developing a gratitude practice. I have read a lot of articles that gratitude can help within someone’s life including developing a more positive outlook in addition to feeling appreciative about what you have. I wanted to see how gratitude can help me throughout my life. I think gratitude is something that is not just for a day or once a year I think it is every day.

I started writing what I am thankful for and what I feel grateful for each day. I still do this practice in some form of writing whether it is on my phone or elsewhere. I honestly believe it has assisted me in so many ways. I noticed that I feel appreciative of the people around me, the connections I have to others, my connections to the land, nature, and that each day brings a new beginning. I find that each day I can start something new.

In addition, in having the practice of gratitude, I have noticed my magickal practice has truly been flourishing. I manifest things more efficiently, more effectively, and I find that I am attracting what I desire. Through writing I am doing so in a present tense I do when I write a spell, or during the crafting process. I am manifesting through the act of writing since it is a physical act along with keeping it in the present tense allows me to be clearer about what I want. Also, through the writing process I can work on my spells by understanding what I appreciate to see what I want.

I recognize that this is not for everyone or people will struggle. I am not saying that this will take place for everyone nor that I am looking at things more positively which I am, but I am not ignoring the negative. I am not ignoring the reality of the situation. I am simply counting my blessings so to speak; I am finding the positive in the negative. I am learning to feel appreciation and I am learning what the word gratitude means for me personally within my life, path, and practice.

I urge you to do the same to see for yourself. Only through the experience of developing a practice for yourself will you understand how it can help you. Start with one thing and build up. It could be the weather, the land you live on, people around you, etc.

I discuss more in the video below. If you want to learn more check it out here:

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Many Blessings!!

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