Preparing for Samhain (Video)


  1. Hi Shadow Sun,

    I’m a somewhat newly awakened empath and consider my self a witch in the pagan form. I have been scouring the internet for blind/visually impaired pagans/witch to communicate with. I have been Pagan my whole life, because I always have been able to feel other people’s feelings as my own; and I have never really fit in anywhere. It took my husband, who’s Pagan, but sighted, to help me realise that I am a witch.

    Anyhow, I would love to talk with you, and pick your brain on how you practice certain types of magic along with performing spells, rituals, and anything that is part of being a witch, and adapting it if possible, so a blind witch can participate. So far I’m practicing as a solitary witch, but my husband helps me out now and then when I have questions. I’m really new , I guess you can say that I’m finally embracing being a Pagan witch,, so I’m stumbling along as I go. I have found some great books on Kindle, but I’d love to know, if you work with a pendulum, how are you able to know when it’s telling you a yes or no answer to your questions? And if you work with an oracle deck, which I am learning a bit about, how do you adapt and make them work for you?

    I found you by searching on Google for blind and visually impaired pagans. I went to your blog page. When I saw a link for e-mail, I thought if people wanted to send you e-mail, that the link would automatically put your e-mail address in the To field. It didn’t. All it did was send me to an app for Outlook. So, the only way I was able to try send you a message, is to respond back to one of your blog posts. So that is what I’ve done, and I hope you receive my message, and respond back to me.



    1. HI Sarah,
      Thank you for reaching out!!
      Thank you for letting me know about the email situation it has been fixed that.
      I do not work with oracle cards often mainly because I am still working on an adaptation.
      However, to answer your pendulum question, I do use them often. I find that staying relaxed and calm is key. I read a book that helped me when I was starting out working with intuition it is called the Practical Psychic by Norine Renir I can not remember exactly If she spells her last name that way. In any event, I find that it depends on the person and how that pendulum connects with there energy. That said, I have found I get different movements depending on the questions but that is just my experience. Everyone is different and the yes and no direction will be determined depending on how relaxed I am. I find doing breathing work helps. Further, I find asking a yes and no questions which I read in the same book helps me determine my yes and no direction. I can tell the movement based on the feeling of the pendulum moving while holding it in addition to paying attention to the energy as well.
      I would recommend starting with something simple and as often as you feel. Resting your hand on a table may help you so you do not move your wrist a lot.
      Hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to email me, comment, or follow me on twitter.

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