Spellcasting and emotional states.

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During this quarantine period, I am as I have mentioned in this post, working on my mental health, along with discussing it in this video. However, I would like to discuss how emotions can play a role in spellcasting especially during periods of high emotional states. In terms of casting any spell I think that emotions can be a component to a spell, just that certain points should be taken into account prior to casting it. For example, being angry or deeply sad can cause issues in terms how the energy will flow. If you are really angry your focus, concentration, along with the will and intent can be influenced by the anger you are feeling in addition to potentially causing the energy manifest in a completely different way, or not at all. If I am really angry and decide to use magick I am not thinking clearly, my focus is only based on the emotion, and the magick I am working may not be effective because I am fueling it by anger without considering what problems could arise such as it not manifesting along with potentially causing the spell to take a direction that may not be beneficial. If you are unfocused, not concentrating, your visualization is clear, your spell may not work due to the fact that you are so angry that you can’t focus the energy you are raising causing it to scatter. The other possibility is that the spell could impact other key aspects of your life that have nothing to do with the situation. Once, I was so angry about something that happened to a person that I knew I was ready to cast a spell to make sure that someone in their life was shown the consequences of their actions for hurting others. I did not do it because I wanted to be clear in my intent, I wanted to focus on what was actually taking place with the situation, along with making sure that the spell was actually necessary. Sometimes, casting spells may not even fix the situation as the situation can be fixed in a more mundane way rather than through magickal means.

Please do not misunderstand when I say that emotions like anger or sadness can’t be used in spellwork I am not saying what you should or should not do when feeling such emotions. I am simply stating that having a clear head, your will, and ability to visualize is still present when you do cast it. I think it is important to use emotions in spellcasting just that I think it is important to be more practical about it. Channel your anger or sadness into the spells you cast with a clear head, make sure that casting the spells is going to fix the situation or not rather than casting it while you are upset about something in the moment. I have used emotions as a way of helping with my spells by helping me work through the emotion I am experiencing in that moment along with the actions like talking to someone such as a professional or a friend concerning that particular situation. Also, I have used divination to assist me to make sure the spell is appropriate for the situation.  As far as the spells I cast concerning the emotion, the spells that I cast involved with the situation after the fact were more effective after doing all the work in relation to my emotional state. Working through emotions allowed me to become more clear about what I would like to use the energy that the emotion caused me to experience in order for me to understand what I wanted to change about the situation. In the case of that situation with the person causing harm If I had determined about doing all of that work like the divination and spells concerning my emotions which justified I would remind myself of the situation along with the what I wanted to change about it. I would be clear concerning what my intention was regarding the person and the situation. However, sometimes spells are not necessary to help work through emotions and states of high emotion, sometimes the physical work is more appropriate. For example, If I am arguing with someone and I realize that the argument is getting nowhere for either of us, I might walk away especially If that person is treating unfairly or I feel like the argument is getting out of control. Walking away or stepping back from what you are feeling to get a clear head can be applied to all situations. Of course, this is just my current views on this subject If you disagree with me or feel that anger, sad, happiness, and other emotions can benefit your spellcasting then please leave a comment.

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