Tips on storing and identifying crystals

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Recently, I visited a new local shop in my area. The shop provides several products such as crystals, books, in addition to services like weekly guided meditations, monthly healing circles, reiki, and more. While visiting the shop I picked up two crystals.

I bring this up because I thought I would talk about how I store and identify crystals. This is something I get asked a lot so I thought I would share some tips and ideas that work for me.

In terms of storing crystals I tend to do different things depending on my purpose for using them. For example, I also purchased several other crystals at a store I frequent, and I keep them separated because I plan on using them for a specific magical working. Further, I will also, keep them in separate containers with other related stones. However, identification is still a little tricky. Some of the crystals I own I have purchased in bulk either because I have forgot I had purchased them previously or for a different reason. Many of them have the same shape, size, texture and in some cases color. So, in order to identify them I can tell several but not all by how they feel energetically in addition to size, and the   weight of the actual crystal. If I am completely unsure, I might ask a friend or someone to assist me by asking the color. Another component to the identification process is whether I purchased the crystal in its raw or tumbled form. For me, I have always felt that raw crystals have a different energy than tumbled. So, when I was going through a container of various tumbled stones I focused on how the crystal felt in my hand, such as when I recently was attempting to identify several of them in this case it was one of the  several tumbled onyx pieces I own. I asked someone to indicate the color and any other visual elements. I felt this was important because even though I cannot see color well it is still an important fact because it says a lot about how the crystal was formed in addition to other aspects like how it was polished.  Also, I was focusing on how the crystal felt energetically in addition to noticing the shape. I noticed that many of them had similar shapes, but they were of different sizes. So, I grouped all those crystals on one side of the container in order to find them.

Furthermore, when I purchase new crystals depending on what I bought them for such as the piece of rhodochrosite I recently used for meditation I kept it with the packaging it came in. If you struggle with sensing energy and you don’t want to mix them up you could do this or label it  in some way like the box it came in with whatever labeling system you use such as If you are totally blind you can use braille, puff paint, bump dots, or something else you know that works. If you have low vision you can use something to write the name on the box itself with the write color and contrast that you know works for you. If nothing else works or you find issues with these methods, you can just put them in a specific place that you won’t forget. I had a suggestion to make a physical marking on the crystal-like making a physical mark or an actual hole on the crystal itself. I didn’t like the idea of altering the crystal, so I did not use this idea, but I appreciated it none the less.

Something I always do with crystals such as when I use them for meditation especially when I work with them regularly is I keep a separate variety of crystals with differing shapes, and sizes in a separate container so I know those are the ones I will use strictly for meditation. Similarly, I do the same thing when I use crystals for magical workings. I have clear quartz in both raw and tumbled that I use for that purpose in addition to other stones in a separate place than all the rest. Additionally, I have a specific set of crystals that I use when I do readings. Or any kind of divination.

In terms of storing my crystals I have used several containers. Some of which include metal tins like something i have stored cookies in, bowls that I have set aside and dedicated to storing crystals in. Also, I have used pouches, velvet and cloth bags. Depending on where I buy the crystals from I will use the container they came in If the store provides one. I try to use as natural of a container I can to store my crystals in as I don’t like plastic and I have noticed an energetic difference when I have stored them in both. This is similar to my noting a difference in raw and tumble crystals.

Finally, one thing that really helps with crystal identification and storage is when I go to some shops to buy crystals, they give you a card indicating what the crystal is along with the crystal’s properties. This is useful because it allows me or anyone else to identify the crystal using the card. Someone asked me recently what If you mix them up? If I mix them up, I try to remember as much detail about it as possible including shape and color. This way I can look it up later and If I find out with or without asking for assistance that it is in fact the same one with the label, I can leave it in that box or container.

These are just some of the ways I use to both identify and store my crystals I hope they have helped you in some way.

If you have any tips, suggestions, or questions. Leave a comment below and I will do my best to respond.

Many Blessings!


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