My experience working with black tourmaline for over two months.

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As many of you are aware I spend a lot of time working with crystals. However, I can say you do not need to just think of this experience as just with crystals you can work with crystals in the ways I described with herbs, rocks, other plants, and various other ingredients in the ways I describe below.   This said, I have meditated and connected with crystals of all forms. Lately, I have received new crystals and some I am familiar with I needed to get back into my collection. I want to discuss my time working with black tourmaline. If you are interested in learning more about this crystal read on, as I have a resource at the end which discusses more on black tourmaline.

Experiences spending more than a month with black Tourmaline:


When I first started working with black tourmaline, I was not sure what it was at first in terms of the crystal I work with. Because it seemed like others I have purchased. I noticed though when meditating or holding the crystal I felt a powerful sense of protection not from entities or spirits while those are effective uses If that does happen, I noted more a sense of security that I did not notice with other crystals. I felt like I could feel safe with it obviously I would still need to keep my awareness which it did help with that as well. I felt that the energy of this piece I kept with me connected with my own. I spent a lot of time in meditation with it and I spent time just keeping the crystal with me. I felt black tourmaline could be used in a variety of ways. I felt I could use it to protect myself, my home, and I felt I could use it to help me feel more at ease while traveling. I felt like when I had anxiety about something I felt like I could focus and that my anxiety eased in addition to using what I learned in therapy.  I did not look up any information regarding the crystal, I only knew what I had read before and knew the physical properties. So, I kept on using it in spells, while in ritual, and I felt a strengthening of my spells and meditations. It was a good crystal to work with for meditation and to connect as well while doing spirit work, divination, and purification rituals.

If you want to learn more on black tourmaline including how to pronounce the name, physical properties, healing properties, and more read this article from crystal vaults.

In the past two months, tourmaline was my constant companion and I sent energy of gratitude to it and continue to work with int in grids, spells, and other aspects of my practice. I felt a deep connection to black tourmaline but also a connection to myself and emotions. It aided me in this exploration of myself and aided me in meditation by helping me filter out what I did not need to focus on. Again, this is just my own experience with it.

Have you worked with black tourmaline? Would love to know your experience. Share in the comments below!

I discuss more in the video below:

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