My break, Content, health update, and TikTok.

Hi Readers,

Firstly, I want to thank both all past and new subscribers who have been patiently waiting for added content. I thank you for continuing to stay subscribed and for the new subscribers thank you for supporting me and I hope you enjoy the content!! In this post and video below, I want to discuss some of why I have been away, share some updates on content a new platform I am on, in addition to a health update.

When You just need time:

In the past several months, I went through a lot personally some of which involved medical things, and other had to deal with losses. Also, I had a few moments where Covid has played a role where I was not sure If I caught it again, only to find out I did not have it. In addition, I had a few issues where I honestly needed a break from social media. I took two months off social media which was helpful as I got clarity on a lot of medical stuff, and I felt like I could honestly grieve things and people I lost. So, when I took my break, I deleted all social media platforms I am apart of and I just took time for self-care, rest, and spent time with people I needed to reconnect with that are important to me. Finally, I just needed time to regroup, recharge, and I feel like If anyone is overwhelmed, going through something, who also creates content then take the time you need. Nothing wrong with self-care and taking care of yourself when you need it.

More Content:

I am excited to tell you that I have a lot of content coming up. Some of which includes:

  1. More on crystals, crystal haul videos and posts, crystal grids, and general crystal content.
  2. Deity relations, I realize I mentioned this in the past, but I want to discuss my relationship with deity in addition to other key elements to that aspect like offerings, devotionals, and prayer in my practice.
  3. Series, I am planning to do a series for beginners, discussing my practice from a more personal view in terms of how I got started, practices I recommend, and a recommended reading list.
  4. Content I did not get into because of the break, all the stuff I have been mentioning but had not gotten a chance to post including stuff related to tips for people in the broom closet, general tips for spellcrafting, and others.

I am excited for what is coming up and I also want to mention I am going to discuss more on living with Crohn’s disease for raising awareness in addition to other content. I hope you enjoy everything coming up! Please note that I am getting back into this slowly so I may take a while to get back into a regular schedule. You can expect content from me on weekends for sure at this point all of it should be up by Sunday. I am looking forward to it!!

Follow me on TikTok:

So, several of you may know that I have not been on TikTok for the longest time. This is primarily because I had no idea who its target audience was, in addition to who used TikTok, and why. To understand what TikTok all was about a few weeks ago, I decided to find out and I created an account! So, if you want to see more content from me, follow me on TikTok:


Overall Health Update Crohn’s disease, mental health, etc.:

Since I have been on my break my overall physical health has been overall well. My Crohn’s disease is still in remission, and I have been feeling great! I have some periods where I do not feel as well whereby, I experience some pain, but it is rare. In addition, my mental health has been all over the place mainly because of what is going on with the Pandemic, struggling to find employment but that is changing, and what I have been going through in the last few months. Overall, my health is slowly improving in terms of my mental health, and I did have some medical stuff to do but all went well.

I am excited to be back writing, filming, and exploring creating TikTok videos. I look forward to sharing everything with you all!!

I discuss more within the video below:

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Many Blessings!!

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