Three Crystals I Use To aid depression, How, and why.

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Similar to my previous post and video on working through blocks I want to discuss 3 crystals I use to help with depression in addition to how I use them. Also, I wish to share how I use the crystals in spells, along with how I incorporate them into my other more everyday practices that I have been working on in therapy. This is not used as a replacement for therapy or medication just something I like to use as an aid in addition to therapy. *Keep in mind, this is all from my own perspective. I am not a doctor so please be sure to keep on your medications, therapy, and other healthcare needs through medical care If needed. *

I was inspired to share this post and accompanying video below because of the change in time where I live in addition to other parts of the world that also changes the time. Further, I was also inspired by the season itself as no matter where you live the days in most places are darker and the seasons do affect us. Though many people live with depression without seasonal shifts. I want to share this as they do relate to my practice as depression is something I struggle to some degree. I use all these crystals in a variety of ways. Below I outline both what crystals and how I use them such as in spells along with other uses.


I use this for all types of reasons. Carnelian is the crystal I use when I need help with motivation any form of it. Those days when you are just struggling to not only accomplish a task but when you are feeling low. I use this by creating affirmations I work with along with a grid I create with complementary crystals. Some of which include clear quartz for amplifying the motivational support from the carnelian, hematite for grounding, obsidian from keeping negative or intrusive thoughts away, and several others. This said, I make sure to charge each one along with cleanse them If needed. Moreover, I used them all as part of a candle spell using blue to bring in calm peaceful energy into my space. I find even If I do not have any energy to create a full-on grid or cast a spell just hold a couple of carnelian pieces charged for giving me energy helps in giving energy for my day as well. I have also used these crystals when working on techniques suggested in therapy just holding them to keep me grounded or just using them for what aspect of depression I am struggling with like low energy or sadness.


I love sodalite its color reminds me of the calming waters of the sea. Further, I love suing them for spells related to feeling just low, or just general depression. I have lit a blue candle and placed sodalite nearby to charge it further with aiding me in sadness. Moreover, I have sued sodalite to aid me in giving emotional support when dealing with difficult emotions or when I feel like I cannot get through a particular period of depression. I have used this when meditating either on the specific aspect I am working on for myself, or in other instances like when I am feeling like things are becoming particularly overwhelming. Additionally, I created crystals grids, spell jars, and mojo bags to help with my symptoms as well carrying it with me on a day or just in general in something I use regularly. I have use suggestions for helping with other suggestions in therapy like breathing techniques and motivation. Sodalite’s calming soothing energies guide me through dark moments of life when everything feels difficult. I have used while journaling to aid in processing difficult emotions, in meditation, and within spells like candle spells, crystals spells such as grids, wearing it, in addition to other ways.


I cannot tell you how much I love this crystal. I would say If you cannot find this crystal anywhere use clear quartz. Clear quartz can also help with balancing and helping with finding the root of emotional struggles. This is what I used rhodochrosite for I have used in grids to help me get to the root for an emotional issue, created talismans to help me through a tough time, and a lot more. I have used for a spell to help with balancing difficult emotions. I have used to help me with balancing my thoughts while learning something new within my own therapy for my anxiety and depression. This said, I make sure to always do the everyday stuff first, talk to my therapist, journaling, etc. Rhodochrosite can be used for helping you understanding various aspects of depression and emotions. Use rhodochrosite or clear quartz for what your specific situation.

I have used all these crystals and a lot more of them during my time dealing with depression. I have also carried them in the form of jewelry and other items to aid me in the more mundane aspects of life. I recognize that this may not work for some people. This is just what works for me. I ask that if you try using any of these crystals to give it time. I worked with each for several weeks 2 weeks or longer before achieving results and I made sure to continue my other work with my therapist as well. I hope that in sharing these with you they can help someone.

I discuss more in the video below:

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