Blindness and my Practice Part 4: More on reading books, and working with flame as a blind Witch.

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I mentioned in a recent blog and video that I would be discussing more about blind and visual impairment more generally on the blog and channel. In addition, I would be relating it back to my practice as well. In this post, and video linked below I would like to discuss two questions I receive related to being blind or visually impaired. I hope that in sharing my perspective I can help raise awareness regarding the subject of blindness and visual impairment. Keep in mind, this is all from my own views. I encourage you to read more blogs, and videos on the topic. I have a list of resources within a separate video and blog which can be found in the related links and the blindness and my practice playlist on the channel. If you have any questions that you would like to see discuss on this subject, I encourage you to comment on this post, and video in addition to sending me an email which is on my website as well.

Not All Blind People Read audiobooks or Braille:

I get asked a lot about how I read books, and how I write. I mentioned in my first video and blog on the subject how I read books using a braille notetaking device in my case. I recognize that I just mentioned in the heading that not all people read using braille, but in my case I do. However, as I mentioned before not everyone who is blind or visually impaired uses these mediums. This could be because they prefer to read enlarge print, they prefer audiobooks, and other prefer braille. Some prefer a combination of these mediums while others may choose to use something else entirely based on several factors some of which includes personal preference, degree of vision as in how much vision a person may have, and what works for people. In my case, I cannot process audiobooks I fall asleep and at times I do not retain the information. This correlates directly with my practice because when I am reading a book on Paganism or Witchcraft, I learn more easily through braille. If I had enough vision to read large print, I would use this medium. I like to understand through from a detailed point of view, so I like to understand how items are arranged such as how an altar would be set up, how chants are composed, and through braille I can understand more related to how these aspects are formed, spelled, and written. Lastly, I also find braille useful for understanding exercises in books such as meditations, energy work, and for me most importantly visualization exercises. I find that I would not understand this as well with audiobook. So, what are some alternatives? Well, I mentioned larger print, but you can use accessibility options like my notetaker, I use to read the book on several devices including my laptop, my iPad, or just on the device itself. In using this device, I can read books on all my devices, and in a medium that works well for me. Additionally, this includes formats of books for instance, on kindle, or another source. Furthermore, if a user wanted to use large print using an electronic format, they can use all types of devices as well using features built in such as zoom magnification on the Mac, magnifier on Windows, and Zoom on iPad, and other apple products. I could go into more detail regarding this, but I do not know how all these work in detail. I encourage you to research more If you are interested.

Several People who are blind can work with candles and flame:

When I mention that I work with candles either for ambiance, magick, or for a religious observance like a Full Moon ritual people become concerned. Al to of people ask me about how I light candles or tell me how I should consider using flameless candles. Not all people as a rule work with anything that does not work for them. Additionally, people become concerned for my safety when I mention I use candles. They worry I could burn myself. I explain to them that I take all the safety measures that anyone who can see would take. I make sure to keep my candles away from flammable objects, place them in holders, and I often place something on the bottom just in case wax spills. I like to use matches either long or short wooden ones, in addition to traditional lighters ones that could be used for grilling something, and smaller lighters. I can see enough to see a flame, so I make sure to keep my hands away from the tip of the medium I am work with. Finally, this is how I choose to work with candles but not all people will do so. I have seen people use wax warmers, others may use jar candles, or essential oils. Finally, I have seen someone use lighters that are charged with USB to light items. For me, I love both candles and incense, so I use the lighters I mentioned above for both.

These are just a few questions I have been asked before as it pertains to being blind or visually impaired. I could expand on this list, but this is a good starting point. I hope to do a demonstration on what I mentioned in the post and video like lighting candles.

I discuss more in the video below:

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