Thoughts on #NationalComingOutDay and #WorldMentalHealthDay.

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In honor of National Coming Out Day, and World Mental Health Day. I want to share my own perspectives on what these mean for me both as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and as a Pagan. This is all just my opinion and I provide further resources for more information including resources for people who need support, resources, or who may be in crisis.

For me, National Coming Out Day reminds me of the struggles, the triumphs, and support the LGBTQ+ community has received over the years and in general. However, it also means how important coming out and not coming out in many cases is for many of us. For example, I am not fully out. I am out to important people in my life, and I am glad for the support and am grateful I felt safe to do so. Further, this is not the case for many people in the community. Coming out is a personal choice and everyone does so in their own time and in and that is right for them. National Coming Out Day reminds us that in several ways and in numerous areas, it may be safe to come out and in other areas it is not safe to do so. Further, it is important to mention If someone is not ready to come out is not o, for someone to force, or cause someone to come before they are ready. I once was outed at an event as Wiccan but mainly because I was unaware of the fact that I was in a public group online. I did not appreciate it, but I was glad that I did not have any issues. Please, if someone is vulnerable enough to come out to either as LGBTQ+ or as part of the Witchcraft, or Pagan community respect that and do not out anyone. This could put them in a tough position and some cases cause safety issues. Not everywhere nor is everyone accepting of Paganism Witchcraft, or members of the LGBTQ communities. Even in the most accepting places some people do not understand what they do not know and for several reasons such as religious, political, or other beliefs they may not be able to accept them. Furthermore, National Coming Out Day reminds us of the members who are out, and that sharing their stories is important to remember to highlight how far we have come in positive light. Lastly, National Coming Out Day also serves as a reminder of how far we are going and how far we need to go in terms of acceptance and support. I hope that one day people will not have to be in far of coming out no matter the community.

All of this in mind, I encourage you to read, research, and consider your options If you are consider coming out. Make sure you are in a safe place, have a supportive friend present or other person you trust, and have a back-up plan just in case something does not go the way you planned. Please, take all considerations and safety in mind. This applies to being Pagan, A Witch, and LGBTQ+ alike. I know for myself, I took several years to come out as bisexual to people, and less time to others. I took 2-3 years to come out as Wiccan mainly because I wanted to be certain of how I come to understand what that meant for me at the time. Finally, I found that in doing and in honor of National Coming Out Day his year, I am reminded that coming out for me is a form of expressing my true and authentic self.

World Mental Health Day highlights the importance of mental health. World Mental Health Day reminds us to be aware of our own struggles, to take to time for our mental health, and those around us. Also, please sure to take your own needs and take time for self-care into consideration each day along with today as well. Please, if you need support, please check out the resources below. Also, check in on loved ones, talk to friends and family about mental health. This is a global crisis that needs all our efforts in erasing stigma and the negative associations surrounding mental health.

I discuss more in the video below:


I am reposting this list from National Mental Health Awareness Month, and some World Mental Health Day.

Mental Health Resources:

This resource has a great deal of information pertaining to mental health Awareness Month along with information regarding mental health disorders in addition to resources to get help or find other information pertaining to a specific disorder.

This is another national helpline available in addition to other resources for mental health.

Provides a list of other resources and information pertaining to mental health for all ages including kids. Additionally, provides the number for the suicide prevention line.

International Resources:

This resource contains a list of support for all types of mental health needs such as depression, addiction, PTSD, along with provides numbers for each country.

World Mental Health Day: This resource provides information on what World Mental Health Day is and provides a list of events to celebrate.

This resource gives more information on World Mental Health Day what this year’s theme is, and information on the Pandemic as it relates to mental health.

National Coming Out Day:

This is the resource I mentioned above where I first learned about National Coming Out Day.

Discusses someone is personal coming out story during a Pandemic.

Pagan Resources Coming Out

I genuinely enjoyed reading this person’s story. I thought it was insightful especially with the acceptance aspect of it and how they feel within the community.

This resource helped me when I was considering coming out as Wiccan. I hope it helps you.

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