Benefits of a daily practice.

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Lately, I have been considering some thoughts around having a daily practice. I have written about building a daily practice and have discussed it further within this video. I wish to discuss some of the benefits of a daily practice. However, before I dive into the main aspects of this post, I want to mention briefly how having a daily practice does not have to be complicated nor does it look like everyone else’s. Having a daily practice is not a requirement but I believe it can help. Lastly, unless you are part of a tradition then your daily practice can look a lot more differently than others, I would recommend following what your tradition If you are in one. I am not an expert of any of this, just sharing my experience.

Having a daily practice can assist in some many ways participating in your practice daily allows you to stay connected to your path, understand that from my view my being Witch is something that for me is an everyday thing even away from my altar. I incorporate magick when I am out, while making tea, or just writing in general. This may look different depending on what I am working on. Moreover, I find that having a daily meditation practice can assist in helping me start my day with a sense of focus, calm, and being centered. Further, I incorporate other aspects of my practice into my routine. For example, I spend time at my altar before I begin my day. I usually give offerings of some kind, If I have more time, I light a candle I have set aside for my Deities, and one for my spirit guides. My daily practice does change depending on my schedule in addition to when I am adding something new. Use what works. This is just my experience. I have certain core things I do like meditating, a visualization I do regularly, and manifesting work through intention setting. Now onto more on how having a daily practice can benefit us all.

I find having a daily practice allows us to be working magick regularly. Even away from the altar. I did a spell for anxiety once and after I would be at my altar, I would go somewhere else depending on the errands in addition to other things I had to get done that day. I got anxious and restated my chant I used silently as part of the spell along with carried something with me. I found my anxiety reducing rather quickly and I also incorporated techniques I learned in therapy. Through meditation and my visualization work each day I can maintain my focus and concentration while working magick.

Another benefit to having a daily practice is I find it keeps me connected to the deities and spirits I work with. I find that through offerings, other practices I do with them, and the ritualistic aspect of that connection I can continuously work with them more regularly. Also, I show gratitude for what I am given something I also incorporate into my practice.

Finally, I find that the rituals we have each day can become more magickal which is a great benefit when you are feeling down or just going through things. I find that through my everyday routine I work magick when I am getting dressed, I use different colors, when I writing I choose my words, and through meditation I keep my focus and concentration. So often, I see people mention moon phases, and other times to work magick and devote time to their practices. However, through everyday acts we can connect, work magick, and bring our practices more into our lives instead of separating them.

Again, this is just my experience. Do what works for you. Your daily practice does not have to be like mine nor anyone else’s. Your practice could be as simple as meditating each day for 5 minutes, lighting a candle as you start your day, or something else. Do what works and try something new If you are stuck!!

I discuss more and the video below:

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